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Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat The highlight of the 1815 chrono: one of the most beautiful movements ever produced... This thread has been bumped up a notch. Really like the Lange 1815 chrono
Quote: Originally Posted by Montesquieu Which restaurant is that? Da dora, no?
Quote: Originally Posted by Thorn Proof Do you get your Finamores via ShopThe If so how is the experience? I get my finamores via Finamore in Naples, Italy. Can't speak out of own experience, but most people have nothing but praise for shopthefinest.
Why do they charge $395 for fabrics from DJ Anderson. Isn't that a wee too much?
Quote: Originally Posted by forex First five finamore collars are fantastic,I think he gets them MTM in Italy. QFT. The first five are the ones i usually order. Just wanted to try a different collar in the last two.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Which Chinese tailors would that be? Chan?
Santa Maria Novella - Via della Scala 16R
I don't know the exact story, but heard the same thing blauiman said. It had something to do with the employees he didn't employ, but did register them.
Nice pics. You didn't go for mtm finamore? That navy knit tie is pretty sweet. I've seen that in person.
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