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-patek's are for old people -panerai is boring -glashutte: I wouldn't even consider that one. Aquatimer is a nice one depending on which model you want (2000, chronograph etc.) AP would be my choice
I don't own any of the AC pants. I do own AC jackets. They're reasonable priced compared to other things i've seen. It fits perfectly on me.
i don't know how they compare to each other. I do own Oakley's 1 of them is polarized which was quite pricey, but the optics are quite good. I'm looking for new shades though, but i can't figure out which one to buy. Any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC A sporty watch. On my own: IWC Aquatimer. If I play my cards right when Dad visits: Patek Aquanaut or AP Royal Oak. Might I ask you why your preference goes to a Patek? Aren't those for old men (assuming you're not over at least 40). Why not a Breguet those are by far better in my opinion, but he who am I. Which of the aquatimer series do you want? on my wishlist - Breguet "Marine" - Jaeger...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy I'd still go for Santoni classics at that range, some contrary opinions nothwithstanding. What's wrong with Santoni shoes except for sometimes being overpriced. I had mine for like 420 euro's but i like them
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