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Quote: Originally Posted by f00kie No. Some prefer a deodorant because it doesn't have the "cancer-causing" aluminum-tetrasomething. well The Sanex for Men i have has the anti-transpirant in it. The stuff works for me.
..well isn't it in the same bottle
I was referring to the sweating round the armpits. It does help sweating. Atleast mine does.
I'm seriously considering a LP overcoat for this winter. Just wondering if i should be getting one when i'm Italy this summer. They have some nice overcoats/jackets.
cttb. Deoderant would prevent the sweating.
I've seen that fortis watch somewhere in my house. Don't know where I got it from. Probably from grandfather of mine. Never worn the watch though. Isn't there supposed to be a gold bracelet on the watch instead of the leather strap?
Quote: Originally Posted by SGladwell We all know Attolini's are mostly machine-made, anyway. They freely admit as much. to see is to believe
what about voile blanche
tax included or what?
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan are you talking about Dior Homme? yeah
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