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Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Sort of relaxed tonight: BoO Dior Santoni What model Dior are those jeans. Didn't know they have some kind of a relax fit type of jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Hickey Freeman for Bergdorf Goodman, $995. I may be crazy, but I would consider buying this if it was at the HF sample sale: pimp!
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Did you purchase them in France and when? I definitely have Corthay on my short shoes-to-get list. i've seen corthay's on sale, can't remember when. It was in France though.
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx I'm thinkin i can probably pick up a striped Kiton shirt and a tie while in NYC for around $750 total, I hope. Those will probably be my only purchases, and will have the sleeves altered by the store and shipped to me to avoid taxes. that, and maybe a tshirt or two at Barneys Coop. i'd rather buy borrelli,attolini or charvet mtm than a kiton shirt.
yeah just but a new one last week
Paul Smith Jacket RLPL 2x Vilebrequin
One example of a piece that did was on the runway and was available to buyers. The only difference is the colour. It isn't logo'd. Just a blacklabel on the inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Christian Dior does have a tradition of tackiness so over logoing is not a heavy departure. i remember a girl coming in class 2 or 3 years ago with those Dior moonboots. I'm pretty sure they were authentic, but they looked silly to me
Quote: Originally Posted by arnach Do they come with a male stripper? I didn't know anybody actually wore that crap off the runway or outside of Pride Week. yeah thong included. No c'mon the shirt i bought doesn't look any different than other dress/casual shirts. red/pinkish shirt with white collar, white cuffs. ps. have you ever seen dsquared stuff or did those guy's in speedo's get all of your attention and lost focus for their dress shirts?
another shirt that with a slim fit are Dsquared shirts. Only thing that had to be altered were the sleeves. I'm not that tall,but overall the shirt is very slim.
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