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Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC While I think Fran Dresher from The Nanny was from Long Island, think about her. Or Adriana from The Sopranos. Drea de Matteo does a nice impression indeed.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Can't wait to crack these out: Jil Sander grey peacoat I love winter and outerwear. I like that grey peacoat. Wonder if something similar from Jill Sander will come this F/W.
those jeans look darker in this shot. It's probably the lighting. Nice fit though.
prada hoodie
are those shoes from corthay"?
new haircut suits you well.Had my hair trimmed to 1 mm till last december. I had let it grown till shoulder lenght. Going to get a shorter haircut soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by bBoy JEe Good fit on the jeans.... damn son, those are some massive arms you've got going there. he's a bouncer
dior MII jeans grifoni jeans. dsquared shirt
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik 21cm. Most of the skinny stuff you see is sized down 2. The jeans in your true size are regular fit. i have size 29 and the fit great. They probably are the MIJ ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by southgate house OK, thanks for the explanation. I may end up buying the MII just because I don't know where I can get the MIJ online (besides some European retailer). The cut is definitely skinny (more so than my New Standards) but the wider leg opening (than the 19 cm) gives them a bit more of a 70s flair. that's quite obvious isn't it. The New standard isn't that skinny. The 19 cm is toight for me but i like...
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