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Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Sweet; do you go there in person or order online? I've done both, but haven't been in their store for a while.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Apologies; I was too lazy to write Finnamore. I am not sure that I have seen you buying something from them that I don't like, so curious about your source. It's all MTM from Finamore Napoli.
Quote: Originally Posted by Getzione Beautiful ties. Any chance we can get a photo of the folds? I requested one to be a "normal" 3 fold and the other a 7 fold. Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Really like your recent FI purchases; did you go there in person? I'm not sure what "FI" stands for.
Nice indeed. Those are the ones from the poll no?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley My brother is headed to Capri / Naples for two weeks and is interested in getting some Finamore MTM shirts (still loves the one he got from Vacca ages ago). Anyone know how flexible they are on MTM? Can one specify collar height and length? Also, is a fitting possible? Thanks - ET Finamore are pretty flexible with their MTM program as Cravate already said. They can change collar heights if one...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang What mill is this that has such awesome swatch photos? My guess would be Canclini.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Do you guys spend a lot of time straightening out the shirts before photographing them? Because whenever I get a folded up shirt in the mail, it definitely isn't that perfect. I spent zero time in straightening out shirts. They look like this coming out of the box. The shirt itself is clipped and folded on some piece of cardboard.
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