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Amazing belt. Never worn. All brass buckle. Thickness is 12oz, width is about 1 5/8" wide, and length is about 40" - 41" to center holes from end of buckle (there are two center holes, not one). You could always shorten it if necessary. Beatifully bevelled and burnished edges and smooth back.
Natural Wickett and Craig skirting leather in 9-10oz thick and about 1 5/8" wide with solid brass buckle. Bevelled and burnished edges and a smooth back. Measures 40" from end of buckle to middle hole. Buckle has chicago screws, so if it's too big you could always shorten it easily to your desired length.
Ordered this a while back but never used it. Great brown cordovan outside, natural cowhide inside. Two slots per side, burnished edges. Can hold more than one card per slot. Measures 5 /5/8" long and 4 1/8 inches wide (open). When closed measures 4 1/8" by around 2 6/8" and just over 0.5" thick.
Not sure if it's been mentioned, but Tres Bien's ebay store is selling off RRL merchandise with fairly low starting bids. Especially interesting are the two farrel indigo workshirts which I only saw once before in a pic an SA sent me. http://www.ebay.com/sch/tresbienshop/m.html?hash=item3cbd828a62&item=260877486690&pt=US_CSA_MC_Shirts&_trksid=p4340.l2562
Lots of nice stuff, like the free shipping over $195.. Fair Isle v-neck, cardigan, and Aran shawl are all great looking and fairly priced I think. Chambray work shirt might be my first purchase. Bags look nice, some too pricey, some fairly priced. I like (love) how the price of the leather zip wallet contradicts the majority of those wallets' pricing on ebay. Finally, immediate access to the straight leg jeans. Question: do the straight leg jeans not come in raw,...
Well, maybe by some stroke of luck qua self-marketing genius, but it's much more likely that he's full of it. And for a very specific reason: if RRL was sending him stuff directly most ebay sellers notorious for large quantities of RRL would have inventory that is far less piece meal and limited in sizing.It's not hard to understand and I'll use myself as an example. My first, and to date only, RRL straight leg came from ebay: $80 shipped all the way from Cali to Canada...
Well, you're not going to get that info, neither do you know what workers' conditions are, nor do you have reason to suspect that there are dangerous conditions at all.. But even if a RRL commisioned Chinese factory worker is making 3 times the national average, BUT RL is still making mega profit, is there a problem with that?Otherwise, when in doubt, don't buy.
Oh sure, I understand that. But I was talking less about the branding per se (it's K&TH, not even a Jcrew collab) and more about overall shopping experience. I knew of K&TH before but just regarded them as a relatively eccentric brand off limits to me. But if Jcrew is bringing them in , retaining their quality, increasing exposure, and offering a more American sizing, then at the end of the day if I have $200 in my pocket to burn on a shirt then from an overall shopping...
Actually, after having not checked out jcrew in a long while I checked the site and I like more and more stuff, especially some of the indigo shirts. Elsewhere, that K&TH madras they did for $200 made in Japan:has been just as good if not better than most of RRLs recent shirts, cheaper, and not made in China.
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