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Is this a jack rabbit Conch is trying to unload for nearly double the $250 retail? http://www.ebay.com/itm/RRL-Ralph-Lauren-Polo-Blue-Ticking-Stripe-Chambray-Work-Shirt-XXL-Jacket-2XL-/160899229147?pt=US_CSA_MC_Shirts&hash=item25765765db
Yeah, I've been to a few Jcrew stores in the US and not much was happening in them either. I don't expect the Canadian ones to be any different.Has anyone here bought the navy dot Japanese twill BD shirt? It dissappeared from the regular section almost as soon as it was introduced. Then it started popping up in the sale section a couple of different times - each on sale with an extra 30% off sale price (99.99). Most recently (Monday morning) they had xs, s, and m on sale,...
These boots are great looking: http://www.auctiva.com/hostedimages/showimage.aspx?gid=464658&image=609013558&images=609013558,609013587,609013613,609013637,609013661,609013683,609013707&formats=0,0,0,0,0,0,0&format=0 rl_store's access to boots is wicked. This guy can't be an outlet flipper can he?
Thanks Mistral. From what I've been reading a 34 may be the way to go.
If similar to the 3A, I would go TTS in shirt sizing or one up. That's my experience with the 2 3As I got. For example, my 52 3A is great. And that would be one up from shirt size 50 (25" p2p). Better still I would go for a size 50 since alot of my shirts are 48 (24" p2p).Ziss was awesome. But not sure what the gripe was with the retailer. IME, I got my sweaters, they were true to measurements, one turned out too big (way too fucking big) but that was entirely my fault,...
Yep, some great boots on there. But that Fisher leather jacket is also a tremendous deal. RL makes great quality leather jackets and at $900 that is expensive but still a steal, considering how many crap leather jackets one can buy right here on SF in the $1000 range (and, yes, I have one of them and they are crap).
Some help is appreciated. Looking for a Momo 0901. I'm considering a 33 or 34. I'd like whatever I get to end up POST-stretch as about 34, maybe 34.5". Measurements seem to place a 34 at around 34" - 34.5". So, taking into consideration possible further shrinkage plus they're greater reluctance to stretch (over other types of denim), what would you guys recommend, a 33 or 34? Thanks.
That is one beautiful jacket, Prajna. For a much cheaper alternative there is the Orvis munitions:http://www.orvis.com/store/product.aspx?pf_id=2C0YI like the RRL much better - the zip cuffs, padded shoulders, breast pockets, and hide.If I wasn't so enamored right now with a Himel Brothers Heron '29 for a leather jacket I might remotely consider the RRL.
I assume not since the Eaton Centre location is advertised as the first and only unisex Jcrew in Canada and that was like 2 days ago.7_rocket, how was the men's selection compared to what you find on the website?
Guys, I have an old watch that measures about 15mm between lugs for the strap. From one of the links for straps in the last few pages I can get either a 14mm or 16mm strap. Which should I go for to fit the 15mm between lugs? Thanks
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