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In my experience, I wear an XL in most RRL shirts, and PRL custom fit in XL fits me best.
As previously stated, and unless they've changed sizing, the 501 is significantly smaller than a RRL straight in the same size, in a 36 at least. The 501 has a lower rise, more taper and less thigh room. I need to get a 34 RRL straight, and I'm pretty certain they'll fit no problem. A 34 501, OTOH, would barely get over my ass. I would say that for a RRL straight in the same fit, buy one size down from your 501 size. That should be close enough. Obviously, I can't...
You already asked this question 10 pages back, it was answered, and you even answered it yourself. I'm pretty sure you asked even before that. You spend money there, online or in a store, and they consider you valued enough to get a code, or however it has changed as mentioned by Dastig.Asking the question over and over isn't going to generate a different method.
Another ebay seller who I think is also a BM stockist is browniebits. I believe it's the same as Philipbrowne Menswear, who, by the way, has some good deals on ebay.I just assumed that both they and Malford were maybe discontinuing their RRL presence, getting rid of remaining stock, and therefore no longer cared about following RRL's stipulations. It's not like Malford is being very inconspicuous about it.
Yeah, having recently tried on a pair of 501s and owning the RRL raw straight in the same size, I really don't equate the two. The RRL is noticeably roomier everywhere. Maybe if you sized down one - a 34 straight might be eqivalent to a 36 501. On the other hand, having recently tried on two Edwin Nashvilles (34 and 36), I can say that the Nashville (36) is practically identical to the RRL straight (36) that I have in just about every aspect of sizing. I'm on the hunt for...
To echo a sentiment expressed earlier, I'm wary of ebay seller annayounglady's rrl. Here's a denim shirt: Forget that it's a particularly ugly shirt, there's a few problems with it: 1. RRL is pretty fond of using, and mentioning that they use, high rim japanese pearl snaps. These aren't them. 2. I've never seen it before. Unless vintage (which this is not as indicated by the tags) it's rare to see only one seller selling a style of shirt 3. coming from someone who has...
No, they aren't. They're only $100 more per pair from Self Edge. From Okayama they're only $30 more per pair and direct from Rakuten they can be had for $30 less than RRL.Fades of SG look fine.Alot of jeans won't last any longer than RRL and vice versa. Just look at the jeans you cited in image - they were obviously worn quite bloody tight. Fit is going to be a pretty big determining factor in whether you get those crotch blows.Nothing comparable at $250 or less? At all?...
Very cool. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-RRL-Limited-Edition-Rare-Taos-Serape-Vest-Gilet-725-/111001586723?pt=UK_Men_s_Coats_Jackets&hash=item19d835cc23
wj4, what shirt is that red plaid? Is it online?
Polo online has free shipping over $195. If I order something directly from a RRL store over $195 will I also get free shipping or does that only apply to online purchases? If only online, if I press the store will they relent and offer the free shipping or are they pretty strict about it?
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