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Holt Renfrew on Bloor carries, or carried at least, RRL jeans, but I wasn't aware Harry Rosen does. I can't remember the prices of RRL at Holts but alot of Ralph Lauren pieces in general at Holts and The Bay are on par with Ralph Lauren online so it wouldn't suprise me that RRL jeans are around the $250 mark.
My thoughts exactly. From the pic I can't tell what the fabric is like and that's important because from the pic it looks like the 2011 western (minus the pocket stitching), in which case I wouldn't buy it (because I already have one and the fabric is light - no more than 7oz - and boring). But I really can't tell. Would love to see a close up pic or get someones opinion on the fabric.
Dave, by rigid denim are you reffering to the buffalo medium wash? On line I see a light wash and medium wash but no dark wash rigid. Or are you reffering to one in stores only?
Longhorn or shorthorn - I can't remember which one refers to the style of pockets which are sort of reversed triangular, but Flathead, and Spellbound make nice looking ones. LVC also makes a hot one, but good luck finding it (every once and a while you'll see a vintage piece by RRL on ebay as well) Sawtooth - LVC makes them, as does Flathead, and Jcrew (indigo denim western). The LVC I never liked (collar points too big and pocket flaps too big), the Flathead would never...
dropped to $30 shipped, or take it with the Quercus belt for $70 shipped combined.
dropped to $45 shipped
I bought and just received the indigo denim western shirt. If you like denim western shirts, this sawtooth pocket version is a beaut. They really nailed it.
Agreed, My clerical is nice subdued brown-ish. Stunning color, I love it.I would jump at another opportunity for a navy 3A or a 6A. No regrets. I would only hope that they would allow for one more measurement in addition to chest: length. That would be perfect.As for sizing, both my cardis measure exactly in the chest what they were requested to be. I'm actually suprised at how precise they were in knitting them to requested chest measurements. No issues with sleeves at...
Well that sucks shadow. Not that this helps, but I ordered two cardigans to Canada and got hit with nothing, not a penny, although customs did a miserable job of patching up the package after they tore it open. I got a clerical 52 and navy 54. The clerical fits great, the navy not so much. It's the length (too long) and width just above the waistband that bothers me, but that's somewhat understandable given the chest measurements. Length for me was the x factor - I was...
Can the chambray collar lining on one of their shirts be removed without much problem? I like the emmet tartan but hate the chambray collar lining, or any contrasting collar lining for that matter.
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