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Ebay seller tendafritz has been putting up some choice pieces for a little while now. There is three up now I would BIN in a heartbeat, but all her/his pieces are much too small for me.
If I ever find out ordering opens up again this will be the last place I'll announce that info.
don't know if they have bigger sizes, but pm me if you can get any rrl denim western shirts, or rrl or rugby oxfords in XL or XXL.
I hate inside white plackets with a passion. Can they be removed on the RRL oxfords by simple destitching or will doing so reveal an inside placket where the oxford cloth isn't fully there?
I'm an XL in both brands but refuse to buy Jcrew anymore until they clean up their patterns. Here's what I find. Jcrew necks are just too big, and, I'm getting technical here, the armscye is off. That's basically the seam where the arm/shoulder meets the chest, or across the chest between the neck and pit to pit. There are inches of difference between the two brands on this measurement, resulting in a RRL fit which is near perfect and a jcrew fit with an arm opening seam...
Why can't they just put annual quota in place for individual orders and leave it at that? Seems so drastic to close it down, open it up and close it down again. I understand they might feel overwhelmed by the quantity of orders, and, no doubt, some people can be so pedantic as to constitute borderline harassment, but surely there are other ways to keeping things open while dispensing with the nuisances.
So basically almost everything that's really good is on sale. On sale, those sweaters are priced amazing, and, I think, priced to go right out of stock, not to mention some of the BDs. Henleys and tees priced even better than ebay standards. Sport coat is nice. The leather jackets........ I think on sale they are priced where they should be at retail.
Ah, yes, conch. He's currently the source of one of the most absurd listings I've ever seen on ebay. Here's a 38 RRL belt:http://www.ebay.com/itm/RRL-Ralph-Lauren-Brown-Tooled-Leather-P-Wing-Brass-Buckle-Polo-Belt-38-/111125379195?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Belts&hash=item19df96b87b$600 for this belt.Nevermind that there's currently the same belt in same condition in same size for $179, like ten of the exact same belt in the same size as NWT have been sold in the last 3 months all for...
Yeah, RRL is tooled leather belt heaven.Don't know why rl_store is selling that belt without mentioning that it has "union of craft" tooled across the back, big and bold. Seems like a potential return just waiting to happen.You can get some tooled leather belts off etsy for sure.ACE leather belts can be had from the new affiliate Thurston brothers. I think they are pretty pricey though.LVC makes them, so too does Lee and Wrangler blue bell once in a while.Terry Dear does...
Ha! Yeah right. If I was I'd keep half the stuff he has. There's a good number of items I want off him. But unlike the rucksack they are not as close to retail.Mind you, he does have 22 watchers on that bag so it can work both ways in his mind: with so many watchers, one has to pull the trigger sooner or later, or, with so many watchers and no buyers he must know that he has to lower the price sooner or later. Maybe he's waiting for the bag to be no longer available from...
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