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No, they aren't. They're only $100 more per pair from Self Edge. From Okayama they're only $30 more per pair and direct from Rakuten they can be had for $30 less than RRL.Fades of SG look fine.Alot of jeans won't last any longer than RRL and vice versa. Just look at the jeans you cited in image - they were obviously worn quite bloody tight. Fit is going to be a pretty big determining factor in whether you get those crotch blows.Nothing comparable at $250 or less? At all?...
Very cool. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-RRL-Limited-Edition-Rare-Taos-Serape-Vest-Gilet-725-/111001586723?pt=UK_Men_s_Coats_Jackets&hash=item19d835cc23
wj4, what shirt is that red plaid? Is it online?
Polo online has free shipping over $195. If I order something directly from a RRL store over $195 will I also get free shipping or does that only apply to online purchases? If only online, if I press the store will they relent and offer the free shipping or are they pretty strict about it?
Twill dot shirt currently available in xs and s with an extra 30 off.
Thanks. I checked around online stores and chest sizing was alll over the place, like 3" off in some cases. Oh well, sale in my size is gone now and not paying retail. Look like a great shirt.
That is fantastic.
Anyone have this shirt? If so, how is sizing compared to other Gitmans? I can't figure out sizing. I've seen different places list chest measurements with huge variance.
Yeah, thanks guys. I've never removed a logo and wouldn't want to. Looks like it would just be a mess. But I have pretty successfully removed a pocket on a RRL shirt. With any luck the Rugby one will be just as easy.
I'm looking at my one Rugby BD shirt I have and it is one of the best OTR fitting shirts I've ever bought. Would easily pick up a few of those university oxfords, but just can't get past that logo. Anyone successfully remove the logo or the entire pocket? I know it would probably be a pretty cumbersome process. They're cheap but still, that's just more money I could put towards a Gitman or something, never tried one of them. Rugby does fit me awesome though.
New Posts  All Forums: