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Anyone interested in proxying APC let me know. Rescues are what I'm after in 34. I'll take a 35 if they're out of 34 (or I'll take both).
Thanks RKD.33s that measure 36, 34s that measure 35, 36 that measures..... 36! These measurements are all in the rigid straight leg. I will never buy a pair of RRL online from RL, only from someone who can give me detailed measurements and send me that jean (ie., an ebay reseller or an employee at a RRL shop). I can get consistent sizing from a lot of jeans makers including a $40 levis 501. Don't know what RRLs problem is.
Is there any consensus on whether the STF loomstate denim shrinks down by the amount they state? Going up 2" in the waist of RRL jeans is pretty big....
Takes me to the pre-sale page, but no discounts are showing up and some of the blue label stuff is just showing sale prices that have been in effect for a few weeks now with nothing additional at checkout.
Besides, and as already stated, the leather being too shiny and lacking in character, and shoulders being structured in a manner I'd never want in a leather jacket, what would you like to know?
Yes and no.As Fok implies above, I can't give you objective facts on the leather. I'm not well versed enough in leather.Then again, if I say "cheap, shiny, and something out of Macys" would I be stating anything less specific than what's been opined about Moo's jacket? No. And yet, cheap, shiny (minus Macys), and the silliness of the overly structured shoulders, among other things, is why I don't like it.As for hatred, $650 was difficult to stomach. I'm still feeling the...
My 2 cents.I have a toj, black calf. Hate it, never liked it from day one, and have never worn it. Never got the 'leather jacket' vibe out of it at all. I bought it custom back when they were $650. Wasn't a deal even then. It'll probably end up in the donation bin.It definitely has its fans. I can and can't really see why.Now, Moo's JL jacket I like.
Love that Niche shirt. Would have copped at retail in a heartbeat, but it's sized so small. I'm hoping that the Niche Tengo shirt will be more generous, another great looking shirt.
Hmmm..... I have I think 8 Gant Rugger BDs, 6 XL and 2 XXL, and none of them strike me as unusually long. I have one hugger (older model) and the rest are EZ fit. Though really the hugger is equivalent to todays EZ because they must have slimmed down everything at some point.
Geez.... "washed to give it a well-worn look" because aprons don't get washed enough and you'll want to look like a chef from the get go.
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