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From my very limited experience with what they carry, they are very wrong, in the sense that every XL that I have and they carry is slimmed down considerably, missing up to 2 inches in some cases.
The chronology of my personal experience with, and cognizance of, RRL is pretty simple:1. In what must have been around 1993 I, because I liked RL in general, ventured into one of the last remaining Ralph Lauren stores in Canada - Gastown, Vancouver, BC. There I saw and tried a pair of jeans called RRL that were heavily distressed and oiled - really oiled and still greasy. They were great. So distressed, in fact, they came with a tag that forewarned the purchaser that the...
Thanks MD.Let me reword it then. By new let's say the once wash straight legs on ebay which may, I believe, be older than the ones now switched to cone? The ones on ebay should still be Japanese denim, right?
Need some help please. Looking to buy a new pair of RRL straight leg one wash or rigid. I have a pair already with old arcs (pre-levis lawsuit, or whatever the reason they flipped the arc loops). Denim is amazing and the most significant reason I want a new pair. Can I expect the new straight legs to have the same denim as the old arc ones?
I wish they did. Sales are in the previous season section. Certain brands appear to never make it to sale even long after other shops have discounted items from those same brands.
Anyone interested in proxying APC let me know. Rescues are what I'm after in 34. I'll take a 35 if they're out of 34 (or I'll take both).
Thanks RKD.33s that measure 36, 34s that measure 35, 36 that measures..... 36! These measurements are all in the rigid straight leg. I will never buy a pair of RRL online from RL, only from someone who can give me detailed measurements and send me that jean (ie., an ebay reseller or an employee at a RRL shop). I can get consistent sizing from a lot of jeans makers including a $40 levis 501. Don't know what RRLs problem is.
Is there any consensus on whether the STF loomstate denim shrinks down by the amount they state? Going up 2" in the waist of RRL jeans is pretty big....
Takes me to the pre-sale page, but no discounts are showing up and some of the blue label stuff is just showing sale prices that have been in effect for a few weeks now with nothing additional at checkout.
Besides, and as already stated, the leather being too shiny and lacking in character, and shoulders being structured in a manner I'd never want in a leather jacket, what would you like to know?
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