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Is an employee sale an indication of a public sale to come? Or is it something they do without necessarily meaning anything?
You're absolutely right. It just dawned on me. At any rate, for that kind of money and so many custom options for less, it's not worth tinkering around with. I do love the graininess and shade of the leather though.
Can you do that without any adverse effects to the leather or look? I really dig the new Richmond leather jacket, but not with the breast pocket flap.
Hard to tell, but judging from the pocket flaps, shoulders, two snap button sleeve enclosures, and sloped shoulder plackets, I want to say a vintage Lee denim western. And by vintage I mean 80's, 90s, or whatever, not terribly old. They can easily be had on ebay uk in exactly that wash/fade. They would have removed the small black Lee tag on the pocket. You can pretty easily distinguish between a Lee, Wrangler, and Levis. That may be none of the above, but it does look an...
Looks great. What's the shirt?
I want to order something from Europe. Cost with shipping and vat deducted is about $370 USD. They only ship UPS to N. America. If I get it shipped to Canada I will pay about $120-$130 customs, for a total of about $500. I could get it shipped to a UPS store in upstate NY and pick it up myself across the border, no big deal, done it many times for items shipped within the US. Question: Does UPS charge the same customs for a package coming into the States as they do in...
When in doubt just assume it will be 30%. As you know, customs can be hit or miss; finding someone who didn't get hit doesn't necessarily mean you won't get hit. Free shipping to Canada? Didn't know. That's great.
Very much liking this jacket from the UK site.
This is great. The shirt, belt, and jeans, PS.... all RRL working wonderfully together. Now I want that belt. You could probably rebrand that shirt "Visvim indigo patched" and sell it for $6000.Last year I had an order cancelled and they even had the nerve of charging me $5 bucks for the cancellation. Never mind their measurements are quite often off.Doubtfull. He doesn't charge that much for rather unexceptional vintage shirts. In fact RRL shop can be quite reasonable...
No, hoit is right. They are vintage pieces.I have the upper right plaid rayon blue one, but I unstitched the pockets and flaps.If they look awful, it's for several reasons.1. Not everything RRL made/makes looks good2. The shirts don't photo very well. The colors are much more subdued and deep in person3. Blame it on the mid-90's aesthetic. They are very bowler/workwear/grunge inspiredNow, personally I love the one I have. I bought it because it is 100% rayon and sometimes...
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