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Regarding Frans Boone, I haven't ordered... yet. But I think you can guarantee getting hit.I like that they automatically deduct VAT. Best thing is to wait for some free international shipping to offset some of the costs of duties.I asked if they could ship with a domestic courier, but they will not, UPS it is.
I've noticed that listing. Seller is a poster here.I asked the same question a while back and RKD, who owns a pair, stated that they don't seem to shrink that much, certainly not what is stated, IIRC.I'm normally a 34-36 jean, depending on other variables like front rise length (34 in straight leg). I would be willing to buy a 34 in these, but not the 36 just for the fact that at 37" in waist already, I'm not confident that they'll shrink enough to give me what I'd like.
I see what appear to be one wash low straights in some pics. Any raw or one wash straight leg at this sale?
Not sure. But two rationales may be:1. Ralph Lauren doesn't ship international, Unionmade does. RL didn't even accept purchases made by international cards until fairly recently. If one has no access to a border town to pick up a shipment, obviously does not live in a country with a RL online presence (most of the world), doesn't want to wait for Ebay sellers to possibly list items, and either doesn't know or doesn't care about the possibility of proxying, they might just...
Anywhere to see Eidos' size specs for knitwear?
Here's his take on chargebacks. BTW, his representation of at least one of the scenarios he's referencing is entirely wrong, not least of which because he has a very liberal definition of 'angry' and 'threatening', and 'want' for that matter. Will you get your jackets? I don't know. Could care less for the jackets, but I hope so. Observing the guy, I want to say yes, but only on his terms. From some time in 2010 in the old thread: "Also, I wanted to say, regarding...
Mulan, did you contact Mr. Porter US or UK to make that transfer to the US (or are they one and the same)? Maybe I'll try again.
Is this true? I wanted a pair of jeans in a certain size sold out on the US site but available on the UK site but they would not transfer the item.
Hmm.... you mean that a XL for the N. American market is sized differently than a XL for the Euro market? If so, that is interesting.
You can send Random Korean Dude a pm. I know he has/had a chunky hand knit shawl collar cardigan - really nice one from a few seasons back, much like the one someone posted a pic of a few posts up from yours, but all wool, iirc. He posted a pic of it here somewhere. Sharp looking cardi.
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