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I don't know low straight measurements, but the stitching is definitely straight leg and none of the measurements given are incongruent with the dimensions of SL in those sizes. Now, if they were older straight legs (upside down arcs), they would be baggier, but not necessarily so with the new ones. They are straight legs. And I'm inclined to say that if they fit like that then 34x34 low straights won't fit you in the same size. Personally, I'd keep the SL you're wearing....
Of course. Tons. But those numbers are meaningless without knowing your waist and front rise specs.
Part of the problem with this thread is that such comparisons were always laughed at. If it isn't Luxire it was Black Scissors, or whatever. Really, though, the comparison is not so wildly unjustified.Based on personal experience (and a on a strong hunch since I was last in Seoul), I'd say anywhere from $500 - $600 profit per mtm leather jacket. But there are always variables, and I'm talking about a one off, not bulk. By this I simply mean that when I was last there I...
Granted, I don't know what particular style(s) of toj you are looking at, but consider a toj A-1 suede bomber. Now look at the Valstar A-1. I think this is a perfect example where all three conditions are met and exceeded by the Valstar (imo). They never did pull off one that was as nice as a Valstar.
Yes, depending, of course, on your view of tapered. Everything is tapered.I have a pretty low threshold for tapered - in the my waist size, if it's below 9" leg opening it's too tapered. Some wouldn't consider that tapered at all.Case in point. I think the Ironheart 1955 is pretty tapered for what is otherwise a very relaxed jean - 8" leg opening on a 34" waist with a 14" thigh is pretty tapered to me. But a 34 also has a 13" front rise. Too much for me.You have to take...
Options for buying RRL for Canadians (excluding Ebay, of course):1. Holt Renfrew used to carry RRL mixed in with the PRL stuff at the Bloor location. I haven't been there in ages, so I'm not sure what's up now.2. ThisIt used to be that the US site wouldn't accept international credit cards. Now that they do, you can ship to a US address. Two methods come to mind (both of which I've done)a. Proxy. I've used both Deez and RKD and both have been great. There are others here...
Don't know if it's already been mentioned, but $500 for the Wellhouse in size L strikes me as mighty fine.
Not sure about sweaters (I'm assuming it's the same), but concerning indigo setting, it involves a certain proportion of vinegar and soaking (maybe some salt to). I used to know the proportion but can't recall now. Just google it. I once bought shwe shwe S. African indigo fabric from reproduction fabrics and they sent a guide on how to set indigo.
Carson has two on what appears a fantastic discount - 50% off of $650 to $325. I say 'appears' because Kafka has similar IM cardigans on full retail at $443. Still, $325 is good. Not having to worry about extra shipping and customs makes it even better.
Granted looks nice. http://www.grantedclothing.com/collections/ready-to-ship?page=2 Would score multiple items if they did custom.
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