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It depends on how you want your jeans to look. An incredible pair of RRL and by far the best straight-fit fades I've seen (from right here on pg 71):
I have a bunch of denim westerns and one work shirt. Although I can't speak to your size, I can say that sizing has DEFINITELY changed on the denim westerns (roomier) which I attribute to a lower armhole. So if the westerns (denim at least) have also become roomier in your size, under sizing from that might no longer be the best gauge, not sure though. Pitty, as I loved their sizing in my size up until the last year or two.
On the topic of Robert Jones, anyone notice their Inis Mein knitwear collection? Variety? Pricing?
Right, my point. The thing has been butchered. Maybe he doesn't know, but I don't think so. Terribly unethical listing, if he does in fact know.
Crikes, look at the third pic in this listing for pre-owned practically brand new jeans. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RRL-jeans-/281769653470?hash=item419ac7b4de
Depending on the item and how bad you want it, it's generally very much worth it if you aggregate several orders on your wish list, have them more or less arrive at the same time and head down to pick them up. $5 dollar fee associated with each package is great. I'll pick up 3 or 4 orders in one shot. Also, it's much easier if you plan on picking up the packages and then spend some time to enjoy whichever city you're going to (make a day trip out of it).But, yeah, if...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the extra 30 only applies to products listed as "take an extra 30 off". I don't see any RRL with that banner, only a lot of RLBL and such.
Aside from the obvious that the website makes mistakes or they're lying to bait you in, one possibility comes to my mind. Months back right before they first started running the sale, they had finished off-loading all the selvedge type-2 jackets and almost immediately put up a super sweet Type-1 ish jacket, also selvedge, It had one pocket on the left with no flap, exposed rivets, triple pleats, and pocket embroidery. Really nice jacket. As soon as the sale began it...
Well he doesn't have the sense of hearing, so that's one less sense than normal people. See, he's already at a distinct advantage to be more organized.Just from a cursory glance of how he's going about registering fresh every time he wants to post, I'm inclined to believe that he's trying not to leave a consistent trail of messages that can be referred back to him in the event of anything juridical. Prudent.
In no way blaming the victim, but it is indeed sad that at exactly 52 weeks ago from today when orders were already up to 25 weeks over the original quoted delivery dates when one glances at the comments in this thread from June 9, 10, 11, 2014 there was way too much optimism for deliveries and vitriol against the sceptical voices (however few they were). (Nepats, I'm surprised you bought in. When? You were one of those sceptics a year ago.) Of course prudence is being...
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