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It's worth noting that the RL regular line suede valstar style jacket is nice to (the one that recurs from season to season and comes in navy or light brown). I had the chance to try my size in person and was impressed, but this was in Europe and it was pricier. The one on the site now is a navy suede but the ribbing is a different shade of blue than the suede body. I don't like that. I think I will save my money for a Stoffa if I can't ever get that RLPL Henfield in...
I agree. I do love the chocolate suede of the valstar mind you, but I'm not convinced enough of the cut to drop the money. Your jacket is currently available on the rl site but in a different color and stupidly expensive. The tobacco is much nicer, nothing dad about the cut (from Permanent Style):
Lifted this pic from Styleforum's instagram page: The jacket on the third guy from the left, is that a Stoffa flight jacket?
By the way, this is probably the best denim jacket... ever: I have an XL (could use a size L), bought for $50. The last one on Ebay sold for, like, $90. $900 nice? In his wet dreams.... But I'd offer $80 for it if it were my size.
Harry Rosen outlet in Vaughan Mills has some very nice made in Italy peccary leather gloves, cashmere lined. They are Harry Rosen branded, appear to be a cognac or tobacco color and are down to 149.00 from 298. With an additional 25% off, all told (with tax) it's 127 or something like that. Downside is that they have only a small and large. Very nice gloves. Mississauga location have none. Also they have a nice Paul Shark lamb suede perforated bomber in 42 or 44. I didn't... Interesting ebay listing. Can you spot the oddity?
Great looking Neil Barrett jacket. Anyone know what hide this is? Strikes me as Bison? Goat?
I purchased an XL in a denim shirt and it is very substantial. I compared it with my XLs of past seasons (2013,12,11,10) to figure out why the discrepancy. I found a bigger neck opening and a larger arm opening. As you probably already know, arm opening is the other story to the chest measurement - which can still be 25" but fit more like a 26" or even 27" with 0.5" to 1" added to the armhole, not to mention the increase in sizing to the sleeve.Simply put, they shouldn't...
It depends on how you want your jeans to look. An incredible pair of RRL and by far the best straight-fit fades I've seen (from right here on pg 71):
I have a bunch of denim westerns and one work shirt. Although I can't speak to your size, I can say that sizing has DEFINITELY changed on the denim westerns (roomier) which I attribute to a lower armhole. So if the westerns (denim at least) have also become roomier in your size, under sizing from that might no longer be the best gauge, not sure though. Pitty, as I loved their sizing in my size up until the last year or two.
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