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The new chambray Californias are AWESOME!!
Anyone have the 7.5 to 8 list?
Thanks Mike will do!
@Epaulet Thanks I'm really happy with it. As soon as I get the waist nipped I'll get some fit pics up. I'm going to be in NYC Friday for a half day and want to get squared away for some LBM made to measure. Which store should I go to for that?
Very happy with the 8 track umber tweed. It needs a little waist suppression but the shoulders are spot on.
I am Eddie McZee approved!!
Dropped the hammer on the 8 track umber tweed.
Hey Mike does 8 track Umber tweed have kind of an olive base?
Thank you Mike!
@mikegnthensome When can we expect a restock of basic t shirts? Mine are getting kind of ratty.
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