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I'm curious about that too.
Epaulet have you guys discontinued the LBM MTO program?
Hey T/S do you guys have any more unique denim offerings in the pipeline for this year?
Thanks dude I may very well look into that B&M offering. I've been traveling in my Innsbruck Indys and I like them a lot but wanted to go with something a little lighter for the weather. Also I'm not sure if the chukka has a steel shank or not but if it doesn't then I wouldn't have to take them off for TSA PRE.
Has anyone ever done a brown CXL chukka w/commando?
T/S are you guys using someone new for customer fulfillment? The past few items I've ordered haven't shipped as quick and I didn't get an email notification of when it shipped. Love your clothes, and I'm not done with you like the above poster, but there is a noticeable downtick in your C/S.
Ordered 5.
Who's thin-skinned again?
Mine finally arrived and same to report as everyone else on fit. Long in the arms and body but a cool fabric.
I can't help but get pissed when I see that an item that I pre-ordered has not shipped yet but is available from T/S for purchase.
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