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Rob where do you shoot dude? I usually teach a pistol class upstate every other year and hit Long Island on the other years.
Agreed. I'm a perfect 8 in Chucks and thin socks and 7.5D Trubalance/8D Plaza is consistent on me.
Damn that's me! Rifles are harder to hide than shoes though.
Kudos to your business practices Mike, you're a first rate dude. Another reason to buy from Epaulet. I totally get dealing with an out of country manufacturer and the problems inherent with that. Trust me, I feel your pain having been in a remarkably similar situation this year with a Chinese manufacturer.
Here's a question: Has anyone had a stranger approach and say "Sweet Aldens dude"? I have twice in airports.
Man I felt like Pookie in New Jack City staring at a crack-pipe. It's calling me dog...it's calling me!
After alot of opening and closing of windows, the Leffot website, and PayPal, I lost the battle of impulse control and dropped the hammer on the Chamois Daytrippers. I'm such a child....
Did anyone get the black sport trainers? I'm curious what they look like in the wild.
You just made my day dude! MTO Vittorio is awesome!
Hey Mike do you have any more Vittorio jackets in the works? I have to say the navy pique' jacket is one of the best-fitting, off the rack pieces I've found in quite some time.
New Posts  All Forums: