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Thanks for the update Alex!
For all the new stuff Meermin keeps putting out I wish they would kick all the group orders into high gear. We're almost 90 days from when I received the payment request for the brown museum calf MTO.
Can someone explain what exactly "brush off" leather means in the description for the Morgan wingtips?
Aren't they fantastic slip-ons? They look great and it took me a bit of Reno work to get them to where they would take a nice shine so don't worry. i think the Manchester is one of the most under appreciated shoes in the AE line up and I concur that a shell version would be STUNNING!
Thanks Alex!
Have any 2nd run brown museum calf buyers heard anything from Meermin yet? An ETA?
Personally I think the Anthony Cleverley line is as sleek and chiseled as one could ask for.
Damn those are nice!Cold Iron if you had to pick one shade of shell that you think AE does best which would it be? I want to do a shell Rutledge for an MTO and I'm torn between a darker brown and a burgundy.
So....I think I want to MTO a Rutledge in shell. Thoughts?
That sucks. Personally the only reason I jumped on the bandwagon was the Ilcea leather. I've only seen it offered through Lobb and Cleverley, both of which I have though not in a museum calf.Do you guys think their QC will improve? I understand no one's a fortune teller but part of me thinks this is an infant company still in a learning curve and another part of me thinks that this is just what you get for this price point. It sounds like Pepe' is pretty regular on...
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