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Buddy I feel your pain. I did 21 years on the job with 15 of that in plainclothes. As a new line detective doing fieldwork where you may very well end up chasing someone over a chain link fence or fighting on concrete, I would encourage you to go inexpensive and tailored. As long as your fit is excellent and the material is not shiny I'm sure you'll probably still catch the eye of the girl in H.R.
Guys I'll be the dissenting one and say that I think your crew necks and v necks are great! Would love to see an olive color.
Carrie do you have any pics of a make up in the brown pebbled goatskin?
I was talking with Matt about that and he told me to let the seat out on my Walts and it would get rid of the "pocket flair" I was having. I wish there had been a Rudy fit for me to try while I was there but alas' those are just MTO. Right now they fit but you definitely know my religion!Man I'm new to the game but I wanted to get a little more strength and size for BJJ especially as I'm getting older and it's so much easier to get hurt on the mat these days. I started...
No, no actually it seems that most don't cuff so it is helpful! Being 5'7'' I err on not cuffing most of my trousers but I planned on wearing these somewhat casually (specifically with the navy pique' jacket) so that's why I wanted to ask.I really think the aforementioned pique' jacket and the pale grey hopsack Walts, with a poplin shirt, will work really well in deep south heat and humidity. Probably go sockless too.
I managed to grab a pair of the pale grey hopsack Walts last weekend during my jaunt to NYC. Is there a consensus on cuff or no-cuff for these trousers?
Damn that's spot on advice thank you!
Hey Don you look like a pretty stocky guy. MInd if I ask what size Walts you wear? I've gained about 15 lbs over the past 6 months in my legs and butt from powerlifting and am having a hard time finding anything that fits now. I'm right at 5'7" 170 with a 34" waist at the navel and a 42" chest so I'm curious how the Walts work on a bigger guy.
Can anyone offer an explanation as to why there is so much variation in Ravello and Cigar? You don't really see the same wild swings in shading with #8 when new.
Mac's shoes are like glass. Alden hasn't done shell that smooth for a while.
New Posts  All Forums: