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Get the navy tone on tone seersucker. Got to look at it in person while iin NYC about three weeks ago and it's super lightweight. Looks great too.
Order just placed for Wool Corduroy. Are you not particularly taken with the brass herringbone? Any possibility of a pic in good light of a larger swatch of that cloth?
How does one go about an MTO Rivet Chino and also are the fabrics viewable on the site? I'm on my second pair of R/Cs and they are probably the best fitting off the rack trouser casual trouser I've ever had. With that being said, are Rivet Chinos available in Walt fabrics? I really don't want to deviate from the R/C fit.
Thanks for the update Alex!
For all the new stuff Meermin keeps putting out I wish they would kick all the group orders into high gear. We're almost 90 days from when I received the payment request for the brown museum calf MTO.
Can someone explain what exactly "brush off" leather means in the description for the Morgan wingtips?
Aren't they fantastic slip-ons? They look great and it took me a bit of Reno work to get them to where they would take a nice shine so don't worry. i think the Manchester is one of the most under appreciated shoes in the AE line up and I concur that a shell version would be STUNNING!
Thanks Alex!
Have any 2nd run brown museum calf buyers heard anything from Meermin yet? An ETA?
Personally I think the Anthony Cleverley line is as sleek and chiseled as one could ask for.
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