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First pair of NST boots from J. Gilbert.
Just secured the Cognac calf NST boot on Plaza from J Gilbert. Anyone have this boot and some pics of it in the wild?
Awesome, thank you!
Mike if you don't mind what's your height and weight? Since I started pushing powerlifting a year and a half ago I'm having a harder time fitting into Epaulet clothes. I just got the EPLA sweatshirts in the XL/true size large and they fit me like a rashguard. I'm right at 5'7" 190 now with a 25.5 inch thigh and a 43" chest. Waist where I wear my pants is a true 35" on tape.
How do the trainers relate to Chuck Taylor's in sizing? I'm an 8.5 in Chucks?
Comically short works awesome for 5'7" 180!
Can't wait for Vittorio MTM!
Midnight buffalo check ALREADY sold out in XL??!! Gah!
PM sent
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