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Guys I'll be the dissenting one and say that I think your crew necks and v necks are great! Would love to see an olive color.
Carrie do you have any pics of a make up in the brown pebbled goatskin?
I was talking with Matt about that and he told me to let the seat out on my Walts and it would get rid of the "pocket flair" I was having. I wish there had been a Rudy fit for me to try while I was there but alas' those are just MTO. Right now they fit but you definitely know my religion!Man I'm new to the game but I wanted to get a little more strength and size for BJJ especially as I'm getting older and it's so much easier to get hurt on the mat these days. I started...
No, no actually it seems that most don't cuff so it is helpful! Being 5'7'' I err on not cuffing most of my trousers but I planned on wearing these somewhat casually (specifically with the navy pique' jacket) so that's why I wanted to ask.I really think the aforementioned pique' jacket and the pale grey hopsack Walts, with a poplin shirt, will work really well in deep south heat and humidity. Probably go sockless too.
I managed to grab a pair of the pale grey hopsack Walts last weekend during my jaunt to NYC. Is there a consensus on cuff or no-cuff for these trousers?
Damn that's spot on advice thank you!
Hey Don you look like a pretty stocky guy. MInd if I ask what size Walts you wear? I've gained about 15 lbs over the past 6 months in my legs and butt from powerlifting and am having a hard time finding anything that fits now. I'm right at 5'7" 170 with a 34" waist at the navel and a 42" chest so I'm curious how the Walts work on a bigger guy.
Can anyone offer an explanation as to why there is so much variation in Ravello and Cigar? You don't really see the same wild swings in shading with #8 when new.
Mac's shoes are like glass. Alden hasn't done shell that smooth for a while.
I'm in too if someone can swing it with a retailer. I already tried with J. Gilbert and no luck with their full pipeline.
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