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@Swangerman Thank you sir!
Sooooo.....I'll be in San Francisco weekend after next and I know this is a funny question to ask in this thread but is there anywhere there to shop that's Epaulet-esque? I'm actually looking for someplace that has a good selection of unlined jackets like the Vittorio, LBM, etc..
Mike what's your height and weight if you don't mind me asking? I think we're close to the same size at least weight wise. Trying to visualize the button point of that jacket on me.
Rob where do you shoot dude? I usually teach a pistol class upstate every other year and hit Long Island on the other years.
Agreed. I'm a perfect 8 in Chucks and thin socks and 7.5D Trubalance/8D Plaza is consistent on me.
Damn that's me! Rifles are harder to hide than shoes though.
Kudos to your business practices Mike, you're a first rate dude. Another reason to buy from Epaulet. I totally get dealing with an out of country manufacturer and the problems inherent with that. Trust me, I feel your pain having been in a remarkably similar situation this year with a Chinese manufacturer.
Here's a question: Has anyone had a stranger approach and say "Sweet Aldens dude"? I have twice in airports.
Man I felt like Pookie in New Jack City staring at a crack-pipe. It's calling me dog...it's calling me!
After alot of opening and closing of windows, the Leffot website, and PayPal, I lost the battle of impulse control and dropped the hammer on the Chamois Daytrippers. I'm such a child....
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