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Brown museum calf bals.
So I guess no one has heard anything on their group MTO order? I sent an email yesterday but no reply yet.
Mike I think the Driggs is a fantastic idea. I'd be down for 4-6 pair in staple colors right off the bat.
Speaking of...Has anyone heard anything regarding either the boot or balmoral museum order? Last info was end of November IIRC?
Hey guys first time posting in the Alden thread. Just picked up my first pair of #8 shell cordovan Indy boots and I'm curious if anyone has done any modification to Mac's method of break in and sustainment? Specifically, has anyone tried inducing heat with a hair dryer? I know that sounds off the wall, but if one of the benefits of vigorous, prolonged brushing is to get the heat up so the oils come to the surface, then it seems like this might be a shortcut. Am I...
Thanks for the update Alex.
tricky it looks as if the L.B.M is a slimmer fit than the Napoli in the same size. Is that the case?
Hey guys! My fiancee' and I have a week in San Francisco beginning tomorrow and while the focus of the trip is not shopping, I'm curious if S-F'ers have any 'must do while there" stores they would recommend. I'm not looking for anything thing in particular but will drop $$$ if the item strikes me. I'd like to eyeball some nice selvedge denim (I've done Self Edge in NYC and LA), sample a good variety of Alden boots, and maybe some knit wear. Also thinking about linking...
REALLY diggin' the Lichen Marl Tweed!
Mike can that jacket be ordered in a 38 Short? I tried on one at the Orchard Ave. store and it fits perfect except for the length.
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