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Yeah not my first rodeo with TSA! I'll have to tell you that story next time I see you.
I just interrupt them at the same volume with "THESE BOOTS HAVE STEEL SHANKS" and the "You fucking douchebag" is implied with my tone and facial expression.
When can we expect a t-shirt restock?
Which fabric is that?
Hey Mike I managed to preorder the Innsbruck Indy but now I'm wishing I would have ordered the Innsbruck Tanker too. I know you guys usually have a few on top of the regular orders. What's the size range for those?
+1 anxiously!
First pair of NST boots from J. Gilbert.
Just secured the Cognac calf NST boot on Plaza from J Gilbert. Anyone have this boot and some pics of it in the wild?
Awesome, thank you!
Mike if you don't mind what's your height and weight? Since I started pushing powerlifting a year and a half ago I'm having a harder time fitting into Epaulet clothes. I just got the EPLA sweatshirts in the XL/true size large and they fit me like a rashguard. I'm right at 5'7" 190 now with a 25.5 inch thigh and a 43" chest. Waist where I wear my pants is a true 35" on tape.
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