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Hey Mike does 8 track Umber tweed have kind of an olive base?
Thank you Mike!
@mikegnthensome When can we expect a restock of basic t shirts? Mine are getting kind of ratty.
This. I'm not going to antagonize anybody. I'm also not going to put up with being bullied by anyone and that includes TSA.
Yeah not my first rodeo with TSA! I'll have to tell you that story next time I see you.
I just interrupt them at the same volume with "THESE BOOTS HAVE STEEL SHANKS" and the "You fucking douchebag" is implied with my tone and facial expression.
When can we expect a t-shirt restock?
Which fabric is that?
Hey Mike I managed to preorder the Innsbruck Indy but now I'm wishing I would have ordered the Innsbruck Tanker too. I know you guys usually have a few on top of the regular orders. What's the size range for those?
+1 anxiously!
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