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@Epaulet Received the safari shirt and it's awesome! However apparently they forgot to put epaulets on it and I did tick that feature when I ordered. Is there any way to get it remade or add them? If not, not a deal breaker.
@Epaulet. Did you guys receive any E widths for the CXL Alt Wein shoe? Looking for 7.5 E. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
Chris as a loyal T/S customer thank you for coming into the thread and being so transparent. That's not easy and anytime one does they will get the the range of responses from genuine appreciation to indifferent douchebag. I for one genuinely appreciate your candor, so thank you.
I have the Sand Jack Oxford and it's THICK. Definitely not something to wear until fall IMO.
Damn those turned out really nice!
Is this on the site yet Mike?
Thank you sir I do appreciate the info!
Hey Newberry can you comment possibly on how these fit compared to the Red Wing Iron Ranger? I've never owned any Wolverines but at this price it's tempting to get into a pair. I'm an 8.5D consistently in I.R.s.
Thanks dude I really appreciate that.
@mikegnthensome Mike is there anyway you can possibly post a screen cap of the old size chart for trousers, jeans, and shirts? I know that's a pain in the ass but personally speaking T/S' fit is so good that I used the old size chart to make comparisons to other companies when I was interested in whether their product would fit me. Also it's extremely handy if ordering something custom.
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