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Hey guys when do you plan on restocking the basic v neck tees?
Those are awesome. On a whim I cold called J. Gilbert last night and managed to pluck this exact same boot for purchase with a delivery due in March.
Man those look really nice! So is museum calf available for an individual MTO? What colors do they have? I'd like to maybe do something in what Lobb calls "Parisian Brown"...or whatever brown is somewhat lighter than the previous group MTO brown cap toe.
I have an original Rosen ARG that is over 20 years old that's still going strong. Is that a Solo you're running?
Just got my shipping notice for the brown museum calf MTO!
Thank you Alex! Meermin should comp you an MTO for being such a good de-facto spokesperson for them.
Brown museum calf bals.
So I guess no one has heard anything on their group MTO order? I sent an email yesterday but no reply yet.
Mike I think the Driggs is a fantastic idea. I'd be down for 4-6 pair in staple colors right off the bat.
Speaking of...Has anyone heard anything regarding either the boot or balmoral museum order? Last info was end of November IIRC?
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