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Thanks dude I really appreciate that.
@mikegnthensome Mike is there anyway you can possibly post a screen cap of the old size chart for trousers, jeans, and shirts? I know that's a pain in the ass but personally speaking T/S' fit is so good that I used the old size chart to make comparisons to other companies when I was interested in whether their product would fit me. Also it's extremely handy if ordering something custom.
Awesome man thank you!
@mikegnthensome Is the sizing of the garments changing or just the chart? I pretty much know my T/S size in everything and would hate to have to start checking measurements again when I order..
You obviously don't compete in strength sports.
I'm curious about that too.
Epaulet have you guys discontinued the LBM MTO program?
Hey T/S do you guys have any more unique denim offerings in the pipeline for this year?
Thanks dude I may very well look into that B&M offering. I've been traveling in my Innsbruck Indys and I like them a lot but wanted to go with something a little lighter for the weather. Also I'm not sure if the chukka has a steel shank or not but if it doesn't then I wouldn't have to take them off for TSA PRE.
Has anyone ever done a brown CXL chukka w/commando?
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