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I wish Leffot would do another run of these.
Eric the last thing I need is ANOTHER pair of boots but your candor and participation here have definitely tipped me over to buying at least one pair of White's.
@summersteveWhen are the shadow plaid Glaciers shipping?
Hey guys any recommendations on a wax to use for A&E Dark/Bob's Chili? I specifically want a wax and not a creme for bulling/gloss shine.
I don't own a Utility but I do own Jacks, Mechanics, Californias, Motos and one Yosemite. The shoulder measurement in particular is amazingly consistent and I'm a hair over 19.5" on a tape measure across the shoulders. A 42 (Large) for me is spot on. I'm 5'7" 178 lbs with a 33" waist and a 43" chest. I do get all my T/S shirts shortened to 27" by a seamstress.
Apparently they got that shipment in last month. I called this morning and they said they only had a couple of pairs left. Not sure why they're making IG posts on orders a month old....
  Trucker jacket in waxed tan canvas. It's very....waxy. But I really like it a lot.
MIke I got my safari shirt in too and I love it, but the factory didn't sew on the epaulets that I paid for. Is there any way to get it remade? I sent an email to the yesterday.Thanks!
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