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Midnight buffalo check ALREADY sold out in XL??!! Gah!
PM sent
First time posting in this thread and coming over from advice in the Eidos thread. How can one arrange an Eidos MTO jacket?
Thanks guys I appreciate advice.
So how does one go about MTM with Eidos?
Yes I did buddy and they are awesome. Pop by the Pittsburgh class in May and I'll show them to you.
Aaaaahhhh okay! Well they look awesome!
Is that a black shell Indy with antique edging?
Dude if I drop that kind of scratch on sneakers they'll definitely be your's!
It's funny how this works because even if you can afford it, everyone has a threshold on something. I've paid $125 for a double of a rare scotch in a bar but grimace at a little over two bills for a pair of sneakers.
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