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Mac's shoes are like glass. Alden hasn't done shell that smooth for a while.
I'm in too if someone can swing it with a retailer. I already tried with J. Gilbert and no luck with their full pipeline.
Hoping for a Ravello or Cigar Tanker make-up, w/commando sole on a Aberdeen or Grant last by year's end. Anybody have any insight?
I know this is an Alden thread but can you snap a pic? Your shell photos always rock.
Wow the Aberdeen looks very sleek! Thank you sir!
My mistake I though both NAMOR and MrDV had that make-up. Different last than Plaza?
Does anyone know if a Plaza last, Ravello, NST boot is in the works anywhere?
I have a cordovan specific question: Are the names Whiskey, Ravello, and Cigar Horween terminology or is that specific to Alden?
Yeah that email was an awesome surprise since they weren't due for another month!
Thanks guys will do!
New Posts  All Forums: