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I don't own a Utility but I do own Jacks, Mechanics, Californias, Motos and one Yosemite. The shoulder measurement in particular is amazingly consistent and I'm a hair over 19.5" on a tape measure across the shoulders. A 42 (Large) for me is spot on. I'm 5'7" 178 lbs with a 33" waist and a 43" chest. I do get all my T/S shirts shortened to 27" by a seamstress.
Apparently they got that shipment in last month. I called this morning and they said they only had a couple of pairs left. Not sure why they're making IG posts on orders a month old....
  Trucker jacket in waxed tan canvas. It's very....waxy. But I really like it a lot.
MIke I got my safari shirt in too and I love it, but the factory didn't sew on the epaulets that I paid for. Is there any way to get it remade? I sent an email to the contact@epauletnewyork.com yesterday.Thanks!
@Epaulet Received the safari shirt and it's awesome! However apparently they forgot to put epaulets on it and I did tick that feature when I ordered. Is there any way to get it remade or add them? If not, not a deal breaker.
@Epaulet. Did you guys receive any E widths for the CXL Alt Wein shoe? Looking for 7.5 E. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
Chris as a loyal T/S customer thank you for coming into the thread and being so transparent. That's not easy and anytime one does they will get the the range of responses from genuine appreciation to indifferent douchebag. I for one genuinely appreciate your candor, so thank you.
I have the Sand Jack Oxford and it's THICK. Definitely not something to wear until fall IMO.
Damn those turned out really nice!
Is this on the site yet Mike?
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