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Aaaaahhhh okay! Well they look awesome!
Is that a black shell Indy with antique edging?
Dude if I drop that kind of scratch on sneakers they'll definitely be your's!
It's funny how this works because even if you can afford it, everyone has a threshold on something. I've paid $125 for a double of a rare scotch in a bar but grimace at a little over two bills for a pair of sneakers.
I did indeed. Warm soak on the Strike Golds and Flat Head and the Momotaros were a one wash from Blue & Green. Still lots of indigo everywhere.
Man thanks for that. And just so I'm clear I didn't mean to imply that Self Edge was in any way at fault or anything less than SUPER responsive. Really like those dudes. It was just me wanting the product to be something that it probably isn't or my not willing to accept what is.
Hey Mike question about EP denim. Does it bleed indigo everywhere like every other high end jean and if so is that just the price of nice denim? Long story short, I'm on my third pair of Japanese unsanforized selvedge denim jeans (Flat Head, Momotaro, and Strike Gold respectively) and AGAIN they get indigo everywhere. On my shirt, my shoes, my car seat, my clients' car seats. Is this just part and parcel for everyone? Do people really deal with this shit? I was...
Copped the purple buffalo check button-down in the sale section. Should have bought it when I was at the store last year but I'm glad one popped up.
Hey Mike can you put the natural crew neck tees on the website? I didn't even know that you made those until I was in the Valencia Street store last week and saw them.
You are just one tasty sandwich Ben Leaman!
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