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Whoops! Sorry I missed your reply in the thread.Thank you!
Hopefully someone in the know will chime in? Maybe?
Was this a new order?
Grail! Where from?
Thank you my friend I appreciate the well thought out advice!
Does anyone by chance have a pic of any Hober tie in a dark charcoal? Looking for something for a funeral to be worn with a black suit.
I saw the NST on Citishoes but not Unionmade. Do you have a link?
You're killing me dude!
Man that just hurts.You know.....I bet if enough people got on board somehow...some way, we could get this done. I have a hard time believing that fabric is gone for all time.
Hey Mike I know this is a necropost and if you already answered I apologize. Did you ever find out if the Loden and burnt orange windowpane, eddie mczee fabric was available for an MTO or a group buy? Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: