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I've got a pair from J. Gilbert in Cognac calf that I'd be willing to unload. I may have four wears on them. PM me if that interests you?
Does anyone do a brown CXL PTB in Barrie with a commando sole as a regular make-up? Looking for a good travel shoe.
Can you get the semi-dress in shell cordovan?
Mike have you guys dropped LBM altogether?
I wish Leffot would do another run of these. https://leffot.com/alden-x-leffot-tanker-boot-tobacco-chamois/
Eric the last thing I need is ANOTHER pair of boots but your candor and participation here have definitely tipped me over to buying at least one pair of White's.
@summersteveWhen are the shadow plaid Glaciers shipping?
Hey guys any recommendations on a wax to use for A&E Dark/Bob's Chili? I specifically want a wax and not a creme for bulling/gloss shine.
New Posts  All Forums: