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PM sent
First time posting in this thread and coming over from advice in the Eidos thread. How can one arrange an Eidos MTO jacket?
Thanks guys I appreciate advice.
So how does one go about MTM with Eidos?
Yes I did buddy and they are awesome. Pop by the Pittsburgh class in May and I'll show them to you.
Aaaaahhhh okay! Well they look awesome!
Is that a black shell Indy with antique edging?
Dude if I drop that kind of scratch on sneakers they'll definitely be your's!
It's funny how this works because even if you can afford it, everyone has a threshold on something. I've paid $125 for a double of a rare scotch in a bar but grimace at a little over two bills for a pair of sneakers.
I did indeed. Warm soak on the Strike Golds and Flat Head and the Momotaros were a one wash from Blue & Green. Still lots of indigo everywhere.
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