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allaboutshoes is the business. Got a pair of Allen Edmonds Strand shipped over to Australia. Arrived as advertised with a nice pair of socks, which I wasn't expecting. Great price and great seller. Would definitely shop from him again.
I'd like to have an Australian related whinge. I want to buy myself a few new shirts, so I pick out a couple of Brooks Brothers Slim OCBD's off of their website and they're asking $50 shipping. Tell 'em they're dreamin!
Sign up and then email or livechat to customer service once you've placed the order who will grant you the 30% off. They do free shipping internationally.
I'm brand new to the forum and hoping to improve my style. First step is some sexual brogues. I've PM'd you accordingly.
My current favourite is a beer brewed in Sydney, Australia called Lord Nelson // Three Sheets. Once it hits your lips it's so good!
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