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Why can't people just be cool and try to help each other out rather than act like self-righteous pricks.
Like that's going to change... Does it ever slow down for you?
Not sure what's more awesome. The jacket or the machete hanging up next to a Dali print?
Hey Everyone - I have a great pair of #8 shell Indy boots in size 11E. Boots are in nice condition, worn maybe 15 times, balanced creasing across toe box, and very minor buff-able scuffs as shown in photos. Originally purchased from Leather Soul Hawaii. Fit is comparable to a 11.5D. Includes original box, cloth shoe bags and all original packing materials. Will ship double-boxed via UPS or FedEx, your choice. Asking $450 obo, plus shipping, CONUS only, PayPal only. Thanks!
You serious? Where? Look at the profile. That is about the least amount of bunching I have ever seen. Are you expecting a corset?
I've still got a thing for some Ab Flug Supra...
I'll probably just go put Street Spirit by Radiohead on repeat and fade into the ether.
My ultimate bag would be a calf or fqhh version of the Filson 256. This thread is killing me slowly, but I can't leave. So much interesting discussion. The car talk is depressing (Synthese and the 996 turbo, ffffuuuu...). I love cars and had to give up my wheels for a baby-hauler for the lady, leaving me to drive an automatic '03 Civic. Then I go and sell my MinDR to Manchego because I need money for new living quarters. I feel like my man card is fading away like Marty's...
Kind of like this?
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