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^^^ I tried the Budapest last and it is too narrow for me in the toe area and too wide in the heel. So I am trying to figure out if any other Vass lasts are wider in the toe area and narrower in the heel.
Is New Peter last wider in the toe area than 3636 and Budapest?
I would appreciate if someone could address the toe box and the heel specifically.
Which Vass last has a wider toe area, Budapest or 3636? Which one has a narrower heel?
So what is current model lapel width? Thanks
Is the lapel width on the Southwick jackets variable? The lapels on this suit are wider than on some other Epaulet by Southwick suits from the same poster.
Has anyone tried the "Cotton Poly" range of shirt fabrics? Is it truly non-iron? Thanks
For SuitSupply suits, the trousers are hemmed, with no extra fabric for cuffs, correct?
IMO, double forward pleats look better with on-seam pockets. Otherwise, the front looks too busy, like triple pleats.
By "low profile" I meant relatively small size and not bulky. It just seems like most dress belts have buckles that are square or rectangular, as opposed to rounded. I saw the Allen Edmonds bridle belts. They are 1 1/4". I would prefer something narrower, so I was wondering if there is another source.
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