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Congrats, Razuel, you look terrific!
Years ago I had a really beautiful pair of Ralph Lauren Crocodile shoes, similar to those shown in the Apparel Arts picture. They looked really nice with both navy and grey suits. Wish I still had them!
Quote: Originally Posted by MilanoStyle what sort of things do you guys find "hot" in woman? A pulse.
I could never pull off such a design, but it looks very nice on you, MilanoStyle.
Thanks for the advice, Doc! I'll check out Marshalls in the next day or so.
Hello, this is my first post on this forum, though I have been reading it faithfully for a few months. I have a question about the Ralph Lauren suits sold by Macy's and Mens Wearhouse. I'm in the middle of a diet-I've gone from a high of 330 pounds to 250 pounds in a year-and I need a suit to hold me over until I'm down to the weight I need to be(which is around 190). Since the Lauren suits are relatively inexpensive, I was wondering if the quality was good enough for...
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