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Quote: Originally Posted by Roikins Heard they got slammed with 700 ressies in an hour today. Also known as the Kwilkinson effect.
According to this website you're using the Square dongle for credit card payments at SENY? How's that working out?
Quote: Originally Posted by underwearer just dial in the grind and water/coffee ratio. I do 2 tbs whole bean to 1/4 cup water....You won't get crema like from a real machine but just a little bit...also helps to use an 'espresso blend' which has some robust coffee blended in which promotes crema. What's the point of crema? It looks nice, but does it really matter, taste-wise? I know it's supposed to be a sign of a good shot of espresso but...
No one likes vintage cars that's why there's no vintage car collecting scene and all used cars are immediately scrapped for parts sorry about that
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker This month's GQ has an article naming the best 25 pies in the US. I was surprised that my neighborhood place made it: Gialina #14. I'll have to give it another try. http://men.style.com/gq/features/lan...d=content_9178 I don't know about #1 pizza in America, but Great Lake is hands down the best pizza I've ever had and probably the best pizza in Chicago, but at 20+ bucks a pie it should be.
Never forget
Quote: Originally Posted by why There's restaurants here in Charlotte with Michelin stars. There are no red michelin guides for that area so I don't know how that happened.
They're touring with M83, right? How is he live?
Quote: Originally Posted by F475 These should do... This is a new direction for Thom. Are they by Church's?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tcameron I refer to this as "urban culture", and qualify it by adding - "The culture that objectifies women, over idolizes mmaterial possessions, and worships fast, quick, and often dirty money." Do you classify people as "urban" by an extensive process of observation, or does every black person in baggy jeans fall into this category?
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