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Offered are a pair of black Iron Rangers. Broken in and well cared for . . . +10 shipping.
Received these as a XMAS gift, wore 2x, like new no signs of wear. Box included. +$7 for shipping on CONUS. Not for me, I already own them in black and these won't get the wear they deserve. A true pair of "rough outs" - the inside of the boot is perhaps the softest, thickest and most supple leather I have ever felt at this price point. Wish they did not turn them inside out, the leather is just that nice IMO. Stock photo of the boot included in listing. Actual...
looking for the eReader only, not the paperwhite or Fire versions. No cases needed, but a complete original packaged set preferred. Must be able to be reset to factory specs and registered. Please PM offers. Thanks.
Offering a NWOT (unworn) charcoal colored J Crew peacoat (non-thinsulate edition) for $100 plus $5 shipping. It is new and unworn. No tags.
looking for a pre-owned pair of work style boots. Moc toe preferred. Red Wings, Chippewa, Wolverine, etc. you get the idea. Used not abused is also preferred as are browns in color. please PM me with offerings, kinda need something sooner than later. Thank you.
Offered are a pair of brown (waxy leather) English country shoes on a monster of a sole. Forget about boots for this winter - these will plough through anything. Excellent pre-owned condition. No visible wear to the sole or heels. These will outlast the youngest member here and probably their grandchildren too!
Photos added . . .
No - this has commando sole. It is this model but in cigar shell not no. 8 http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_indy_boot_shell_cordovan_color_8/pvc-ald-mxsbd-40568c_ald_m_indy_boot_shell_cordovan.html
These came in today, but bought another pair of boots that I never thought I would find! Go figure. Don't need both. Selling at my cost. Commando soles, pre-owned in excellent condition. Some scuffing from reasonable use not abuse, no gouges, cuts or loose stitching. No box, bags or trees included. Have Alden flat black wax laces on them but can replace with Alden brown flat wax laces if you desire (new pair). As for fit - these are Trublance last as you all know. ...
Looking for a pair in black, prefer broken in but not abused. Substantially similar boots considered including chukka style provided have a storm welt or commando sole. PM with your offerings Thanks.
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