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Sizing question for you all: What size would I take in the F last? I have large but relatively narrow feet—12UK/13US, The Edward Green 82 and 888 fit me great at 12UK. The Gaziano & Girling DG70 is tight at the same size. Carmina Inca at 12UK is snug but not tight, John Lobb 7000 is just right. If that helps at all, what would you recommend for the F last?
I've been following this thread for a few weeks now and have yet to run into my main reason for subscribing in the first place: how does one go about placing an order for Vass? I gather there's a user named Notch who has helped some of you, but thus far I can't seem to get in touch with him. Any other ideas?
Very interested in brown or black lizard dub monk on the Inca last.
Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated.
Vasque seems to have a sort of modern but classic take, but I'm still hoping someone if manufacturing something that looks like this. Anyway, thanks for the replies.
The ones with the pink laces, naturally. I've been trying to find something similar but with no luck.
I'm looking for a place that will custom make some gloves for me in Paris"”I have especially long fingers and find RTW difficult to fit properly. I'm interested in leather, with silk or cashmere lining, and the more colors available, the better. Much appreciated.
Price further reduced to $175 shipped
Price reduced to $200, shipped
I'm going to show him the printouts when I go back in, and hope he does the right thing and not charge me. As for the loops, I imagine they are in fact from the manufacturer, and were stowed in some pocket I neglected to check. Thanks for the replies, I'll let you know how it turns out.
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