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These have been sold, thanks!
Got any pics, just out of curiosity?
I just got my first pair of RM Williams—the Macquarie. Unlike most shoes I buy, I want these to get real beat up and worn in. Other than wearing the crap out of them, anything else I can do to facilitate their breaking in? Should I—gasp!—eschew shoe trees?
These retail for $325, yours for $219 inclusive of shipping! Bought these new from Blue in Green here: Purchased raw, gave them one warm soak, had them hemmed, and wore them twice before decided they were a tad too tight for me. I wear a 36 in most denim, and I suppose I was too optimistic here. My...
Sounds like I just need to hang tight and exercise a little more patience.
Yeah, about every two weeks.
Has anyone heard from Notch lately? I placed a MTO with him but it's been radio silence since April and I'm wondering if I should start barking up another tree...
Sizing question for you all: What size would I take in the F last? I have large but relatively narrow feet—12UK/13US, The Edward Green 82 and 888 fit me great at 12UK. The Gaziano & Girling DG70 is tight at the same size. Carmina Inca at 12UK is snug but not tight, John Lobb 7000 is just right. If that helps at all, what would you recommend for the F last?
I've been following this thread for a few weeks now and have yet to run into my main reason for subscribing in the first place: how does one go about placing an order for Vass? I gather there's a user named Notch who has helped some of you, but thus far I can't seem to get in touch with him. Any other ideas?
Very interested in brown or black lizard dub monk on the Inca last.
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