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I have often thought of dark brown chelsea boots as rather casually worn with flat front no cuff trousers, and of pleated and cuffed charcoal grey trousers as more formal and worn with brogues or similar footwear. Would wearing chelsea boots with pleated and cuffed trousers be a faux pas? Your opinions please.
Does anyone have any tips on a source for high quality Scottish clan tartan ties in the UK?
Hello, Thanks for the all the advice. I went for eleven ounce navy hopsack, patch pockets on sides, two vent, two button notch lapel. We will see how it develops when I go for the first fitting in a few months.
I will not be getting a patch breast pocket on this blazer, although I have seen some pictures where its looks fine I do not feel it would suit me. So, flapped patch pockets on the sides it is!
I am off to London in a few months and Redwood & Feller has been recommended to me (although the person making the recommendation has not tried them) as a good place to get some bespoke clothes off the row made at a reasonable price. All I know of them is that they are in Westminster and have a royal warrant. Any information would be appreciated.
Fresco. Got it. Any others?
Thanks for the comments. What would be a good second or third choice if I cannot find hopsack? I will be having this jacket made in London so there should be a good choice of fabrics. Second question: what are your opinions on patch pockets? I am leaning towards them, but wonder how they rate on the casual/business meter?
I am looking for some comments on type of fabric I should look at for a navy blazer I am having made. My requirements are that it be four season, very durable and perhaps have some type of texture to it (nailhead? birdseye?). Thanks.
Hello, I recently visited a few vintage stores in London and came away with a nice overcoat but need to get the sleeves dropped. Can anyone recommend a good alterations tailor in London that specializes in vintage items or savile row work?
Dear Manton, chorse123 and DocHolliday, Thanks for the info. I will be in London later this month for a quick trip and if I have time to visit Smith I will post some pictures of my purchase.
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