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I have had my appointment with Tony. He is exactly like all the comments posted and I enjoyed the experience, which taught me a lot about shoes. I ordered a shoe similar to the savoy, but in antiqued (or is it vintaged) leather. First fitting is in June. And Lasbar, I gave him your best regards.
Just to follow up, I have been in touch with Tony Gaziano (thanks Lasbar) and have scheduled an appointment. I decided on G & G for a number of reasons, but chiefly among them is that Tony is a maker himself and not an intermediary who passes my wishes on to the maker. Add to that the great things said about G & G and the many pictures of the beautiful shoes by members and it tipped the balance. Thanks for all the advice.
Hello, I have been to two interesting thrift stores, Old Hat on Fulham High Street and Hornets. Google them and you should be able to find them. If I recall correctly, Old Hat has a vintage store for women next to it. I am not sure about the prices for women and make sure you bargain for anything you want. I managed to pick up a beautiful fifty year old overcoat made on Savile Row. Hornets is quite small and is two stores within a few feet of each other. Interesting...
And Chestnut would be the color for me.
Lovely case. I was lucky enough to receive a Chesterford suitcase recently in London tan as a gift. It is beautiful, and have received many comments on it from airport officials and fellow passengers. With respect to the color, you may find that London Tan is a little lighter than in looks on the website. By my eyes, it has a slight orange tinge to it. Of course, it will darken and gain more character with age. Also, the SWB website currently has the case you have...
As I mentioned earlier, I am going to have a pair of bespoke oxfords made. I appreciate the advice received from fellow members. I would like the oxfords made in brown. In your opinion, what is the most versatile shade of brown and style of oxford? I would like them to be able to be worn with a navy suit, but also with grey flannels, corduroys, and perhaps khakis as I currently wear these more than a suit. Thanks.
Many thanks. Can anyone add what the starting price is for Cleverley?
Lasbar: can you give me any more details regarding your experience with Gaziano?
Dear All, I am in need of some sage advice from those who have had bespoke shoes made from either Cleverley or Foster in London. I want to have a pair of oxfords made, and as I have flat feet, I need some arch support put in and a solid grip around the heel so I am really looking for a strong fit. I have had shoes made at other London firms but they have both missed the mark when it came to the grip around the heel despite the incorporation of my requests on...
Does anyone know of a good source for silk dressing gowns in the UK? Thanks.
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