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I too was of the belted type. However, once I had trousers made without loops but with side fasteners it all changed. If you are going to go bespoke, why not get something different from all the MTM/RTW stuff out there.
Great list. I wish I would have had it when I started! I would add belt loops or not, side tabs or button fasteners (Daks), and zipper or button fly. Enjoy the experience.
I have it done. It looks much better and the trouser leg sits better on the shoe. Desmond Merrion has an article about this on his website.
Is he from the future?
Sell them or give them away. If they do not look as good on you as the others, then there is no sense keeping them.
No thanks.
I second the houndstooth idea. More fashionable and less political affiliation. I see keffiyehs on journalists/Walter Mitty types where I work, and the word that comes to mind rhymes with banker.
Grafton from Truefitt & Hill.
Coconut oil from Trumpers. Keeps the skin moist and smooth. More for less than Truefitt, which I found too stung a little but the aftershave blams are excellent.
I sent Vass an email regarding cost and received the reply below. Dear Sir, We offer a large selection of ready-to-wear handmade shoes in our shop and also made-to-measure service. We adjust a standard last to your measurements and the shoes made on this special last are ready within about 5-6 weeks. The price is approximately 600 EUR. Best regards Eva Vass
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