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Black trousers, black shoes, light grey jacket, white shirt and black tie. Very stern. I have seem this combo too many times. In my experience and in agreement with the previous poster, dress a few notches above what you expect.
Fashion: Thom Browne? Style: Savile Row!
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf Exactly. To be sure you are getting a real rolex you should get it from an AD with papers of authenticity. AGREED. I bought mine new from AD. Too many fake watches/pieces out there so I decided for such a large investment not to take the risk.
I would agree with the previous post about wool. I have a nice pair of worsted flannel trousers with forward pleats that look great. For cotton, I went flat front because the lighter fabric does not drape as well. In the end, regardless of any rules, it is a very personal decision on what you feel looks best on you and what you are most comfortable with. If you are uncomfortable wearing pleated trousers, then why buy them? The most expensive clothes are those that are...
What is the difference?
I am thinking of having an odd jacket made in either Scabal's: 1. black and white Prince of Wales 320 gram hopsack (20257); 2. or black and white houndstooth twill, 280-320 gram 100s Any comments as to the durability of either or both of these options is welcome. Also, what are you opinions as to the flexibility of the trousers I can wear with these jackets? I would be wearing dark brown shoes. Lastly, if anyone has any other fabric suggestions I...
Hello, Which companies supply the fabrics for Turnbull & Asser's bespoke shirts? Is Acorn amongst them? Thanks.
Opus 1870 from Penhaligon. One spray and it stays all day.
I agree that navy is not the way to go. If you are looking for authoritarian, then maybe a medium or more likely a light grey. If you want to tone it down, then maybe getting it with an slight overcheck would help.
I agree with you Concordia, different in my case means better fabric, fit and a few details--I am not paying for a bespoke Dr. Evil suit. With regard to button fasteners (I think the correct term is Daks belt), on the trousers I had made in London they have three buttons and a length of cloth with the buttonhole attached to an elastic material. The latter is hidden under the waistband. It is very subtle and unique. IMHO, your best method to find out what something...
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