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The Chelsea boots are nice. Thinking that my next order could be those with a toe feature such as a medaillon...
Good coffee, and browsing cloth books at a Savile Row tailor. Have not yet combined them, but in the works...
Great pictures! Makes me look forward even more to my first fitting in June.
Does anyone know who makes the ties that are sold at Henry Poole's Savile Row address?
Second the Taylor's idea. A nice badger brush would go well with the shaving cream.
A dentist with bad breath.
Go into Scabal and have some fun looking at all the nice fabrics.
British Tradition and Interior Design by Bernhard Roetzel, Claudia Piras, and Rupert Tenison. Wonderful pictures...
I have had it done on corduroy trousers. It looks great. I would agree with the previous posters that on lighter fabrics it would not be as good.
I have both both a Smith and a Brigg. I like both, but the Smith, in my opinion, is a little more rugged and comes at a better price. Also, in favor of the Smith was the fun I had picking it out in London. The store is great fun. George Bown of Bown's Bespoke (google it) has a review of James Smith. The experience of choosing the Brigg was a little more clinical.
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