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Gina Gershon
Gentleman: A Timeless Fashion, by Bernhard Roetzel. He covers all the basics and then some. I found it better than Flussers and some others. Enjoy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive Have you considered a 3 button single-breasted? Or a 2.5 button single-breasted? I would consider those before a DB. Or, if it's variety your after, have you considered odd jacket details like patch pockets, ticket pockets, hacking pockets, throat latches, half-belts, pleated shoulder backs, cuffs, etc? Thanks for the info. Pleated shoulders and a half belt on a 2.5 SB may be more of my style...
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz Get a matching umbrella and knickers too. Otherwise all stylish gents are going to tut-tut at you. Nice one. I get the point.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive Is this because the depth and breadth of your odd jacket wardrobe is so vast that you need only a few truly unique jackets to complete it? Or are you more just starting out? I have a few tweed odd jackets already, and they are pretty much the same: 2 button, notch lapel and double vent. I am considering the DB tweed just to get something a little different.
There is a thread on AAAC that shows Prince Charles in what may be a DB tweed odd jacket. Any thoughts on whether it is or not...
I am considering having a double breasted tweed odd jacket made. Do any fellow members have any experience with them? If so, any suggestions regarding weight, cloth etc. would be appreciated.
What is the difference between a dinner jacket and a tuxedo? Is a dinner jacket just the jacket from a tuxedo? Also, what kind of trousers can be worn with a dinner jacket? Thanks.
Thanks for the responses.
Does anyone know of any establishments that sell by mail order shoe polish from La Cordonnerie? Cheers.
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