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I have many hats. In winter, they go so much better with a suit and overcoat than a beanie.
Josepidal: did you finally decide?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Trade only, though it's not impossible to get in. Too bad. I would pay money for a few hours of that gentleman's time. I am sure I could learn a lot from him in that time.
Why celebrities who wear converse all stars with formal wear to functions are not turned away at the door. Nobody is that important.
I like his blog and will continue to look at it, but would prefer more "man and woman on the street who are not running to a fashion show where they must dress to sell or impress" pictures. And I will admit, I have read the comments and I am pretty happy that I don't get some of the stuff, as it looks like it comes from a future where fashion has merged with comedy.
The excitement of everything being new.
Great video. I would love to be able to go through the fabrics at W. Bill. Do they allow the public in, or is it trade only?
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T ok...Phuket basically divides into two categories. Godawful Patong and Other. Patong is overrun tourist hell full of fat German dudes on scooters with the rented Thai girls who love them like monkey love banana. So true. I spent a week in Phuket with my girlfriend. We enjoyed the beaches, but the sight of so many fat German dudes getting massaged by skinny Thai girls on the beaches really made us want to...
Donate it to charity. Why keep it if you are not going to wear it, ever.
This thread that helped me decide may help: In the end, I went with Gaziano & Girling and will have my first fitting in a few months. Good luck with your search, and I hope your father enjoys the present.
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