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Great show. It looks like there may be a new series taking place post-World War Two. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz...peacetime.html
Quote: Originally Posted by c3cubed Agreed. That is a useless "canned answer" response. In the USA the [most common] sized hose stating "10" is a median size. Usually referring to a shoe size fit of 8 to 9. and it goes up or down from there. High end brands that are sized may even have a 9.5 sock which will fit a 6.0 to 7.5 shoe. Generally only available in Europe or Asia. You will likely only see sized socks in 100% cotton,wool/cashmere or silk...
Both pairs have rubber pieces on the heel. This is stop slippage and has worked out well. I do have trees for the Cleverleys, and the G & G trees were not ready when I picked up the shoes in London last month. I was happy to wait, as I was more interested in trying out my new shoes. The photo bove compares both with a pair from another London bespoke shoemaker. You can see the size difference and both the Cleverleys and the G & Gs are far more form...
Quote: Originally Posted by speedster.8 What is it they say here? Didnt happen if there are no pictures ... I remember you posing about pleasant chats with Cleverley in March and some days later aboout some G&G's. I think we would all love to see them Very true. A first attempt at posting pictures. The Cleverleys are in suede and the G & Gs are the other pair. More to follow....
We should not forget about the fantastic cars! One thing I really liked was Bertie's pocket watch that he wears in his breast pocket with the t-bar (I think it is called) through the hole in the lapel. Very classy. I recently saw a gentleman with this passing through Piccadilly and it was fantastic.
I would have to agree with Medwards. This year I ordered a first pair from both Cleverley and G & G and have recently picked them up. Both pairs are unique and fit well. The shoes from Cleverley are like slippers. They are extremely light and are very form fitting to my foot. The pair from G & G do appear a little longer, and I have received several positive comments them from people with far better taste than I have. I will wear both until the new year before I...
I was wandering around London and looked up and there was Cleverley. The store was fantastic. I had a lovely chat with the lastmasker and ended up ordering a pair of bespoke suede oxford. Come the fall both pairs should be finished so it will be interesting to compare them.
I have had the benefit the advice of the members of this forum on several issues and seek it again. I am building a core sports jacket wardrobe. So far, I have commissioned a navy blue sb, 2b, notch lapel in 12 ounce hopsack and a Porter & Harding 14 ounce tweed with similar details. I am looking to add a summer jacket, what would members advise? The characteristics I would like are that the fabric be durable. Thanks in advance for your opinions.
The ensemble looks very nice. Is there any chance you can get more information on the fabric?
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