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The latest on the return of Foyle's War.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I've worn their products in the past. In general, good quality and nice styles. My experience is the same. Very comfortable and good quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast Should have flown through Dubai. DXB Airport is impressive. This is a picture of terminal 1. They just opened the new terminal 3 dedicated to Emirates Airlines. It is nice, but I prefer Heathrow terminal 5 with the exception of the horrific security lines at the transfer section.
Globetrotter for carry-on and checked baggage when travelling by air for a long period. Leather carry-all from Swaine Adeney for short trips.
Quote: Originally Posted by TIEALIGN Burgundy or a very dark Navy Same for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Those need shoe trees like humans need to breathe oxygen. Rest assured that the shoes from both Cleverley and G & G now have trees from their respective makers to keep them company.
With respect to the VAT, Cleverley will provide you with a rebate form that you take the airport when you leave the EU. You get it stamped by customs and then send back to them. At Heathrow Terminal 3, this took me all of three minutes. Get it stamped and the post box is several meters away. The cash can be refunded upon request or added to your account for future purchases.
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha any chance of seeing picture of both you C and G&G's? From a previous post in August.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Jupiter, would you mind sharing with us your bespoke experiences through James Taylor and G&G...and how did they compare to Cleverley? My first bespoke experience was with James Taylor. I had a pair of shoes made and my motivation to use them was that they are specialists in problem feet. The end product did not fit well at all and I regret using them. There was major heal slippage to the point that my...
Hello, I have not tried Lobb, but have used Cleverley, James Taylor, and G & G. I have similar issues with flat feet and have used Cleverley. They put in arch supports for me and I cannot recommend Cleverley enough. The shoes fit like gloves and are light. The supports do not pinch or feel odd in any way. After one month with my new Cleverley shoes, I returned and ordered two more pairs. I am now a customer for life and will return next month to pick up a nice...
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