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I have found a number of great items on sale. I've done even better during "garage sale" season.
LOL, good luck @ Barneys. I love that place. Since you are even newer than me, I won't give you grief about that ugly avatar....
Hi Faribeana88, As you can see from the above post, I was kidding you about typing "Shows" instead of Shoes in your post. My suits were primary purchased from 2 sources. Barneys, always on sale, and Daffy's which has gone out of business. Sob, sob. I haven't bought a suit in a while (have too many as it is) but I've purchased half a dozen SCs off of ebay and thrifted maybe 4 or 5 more. I tend to bing on one item at a time.
^^^^Welcome. I can't see the details of your suit. Is it a solid navy? I don't think JAB gets much love here as the material and workmanship are not up to the standard generally posted in this thread. From what I can see, your suit could stand some tailoring in the shoulder area in the rear and the pants are too long with way too much "break". The "Shows" look a little ruff for posting in this thread as well. Shirt and tie don't seem bad at all. Keep lurkin' and...
Gorgeous day here in NYC. Wish we had 8 months of days like today! Oh yeah, then we'd be San Diego. Anywho, I've been trying forever to find a tie that I really like with this suit. The search continues but for now, how's this one? Not sure what's going on with my sleeves.... Suit: Dino Baldini Shirt: A. Bastile Tie: Altea ps I didn't realize that my ps had exploded until after the pics were taken. My 12 yo daughter takes better pics than I do!
^^^ Good Stuff B_U.
Well I won't argue perspectives but the closeup of my jacket shows a pattern and color that would be a bit odd if rendered as a suit. I don't agree with either of your opinions that these look like mixed and matched suit pieces but again, I won't argue your opinion. I continue to believe that this fit is an excellent one.As for bolder patterns on sport jackets, sure it might make it all the more obvious that the garment is not a suit separate a but this isn't an absolute...
Hmmm, that's an interesting observation but no. that's not it at all. The summer dress code at my job strictly forbids suits on Fridays. Everything about this fit is quite intentional.I put this together for the Friday challenge.
Regarding SB's disaster of a fit, I was thinking that a navy linen SC and a different shade of green pant might have saved it... But then it wouldn't be the masterpiece that it is...Never mind.
Clapeyron, that's a cool, breezy fit. Not sure I'd wear those shoes with it but it looks good on you. DC, did you have those buttons relocated rather than having the jacket altered? Something seems amiss with the button placement and lack of overlap on that db.
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