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Stichie, nice SC. I really like the texture and it looks good with those gray trousers. Deets of the SC please. Double vented?
Amen!!!ps Derek, I feel your pain. I'm so happy those days are loooong behind me. Hang in there, you'll make it.
Well of course it would look good with a black tie. However, I thought the challenge required a navy tie.....No? The tie is navy. The dots are only really visible under the flash of the camera at close range.Anyway, nice win Stitchie. I really liked the individual pieces in your fit. I just didn't think there was much pop in the contrast between your suit and tie.I'll pass on future challenges as there appears to be a bit of a bias in the voting. It's always good to...
AAS and Gringo Daddy, I really like your fits. Good stuff!
I actually like mine as much or more than any of the other fits I've seen in this challenge but I don't get much love here so I'm not expecting much support. Crusty is never a bad choice but is sorta blah and Stichie's is nice but I agree with the comment regarding lack of contrast. I like SB's tie and I almost wore a BB that looks just like it!
Nice to see you posting again. Always admired your style.
Nice jacket. Is it part of a suit? You are right about the ps. Not liking the tie so much....
^^^ That's a nice bow tie!
Thanks Choc. Looking forward to seeing what come up with. I'm sure it will look great!
XPost from the Friday challenge. This one is a toughie considering the very limited colors to be used. I thought of going charcoal ala Sir Stichie but I didn't have a navy tie that would really pop with a darker gray suit. The other tie I was going to wear with this suit was much to similar to the one SB is wearing so I settled for this one. Suit: RLPL Shoes: Santoni Shirt & Tie: Armani
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