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Off to church on a gorgeous day in New York. SC PRL Linen Tie BB Pants Incotex
Wow! That's an amazingly nice suit. Love the color!!
^^^ Loving this clean, classic look!!! My favorite wardrobe item, a well tailored gray suit.
I have found a number of great items on sale. I've done even better during "garage sale" season.
LOL, good luck @ Barneys. I love that place. Since you are even newer than me, I won't give you grief about that ugly avatar....
Hi Faribeana88, As you can see from the above post, I was kidding you about typing "Shows" instead of Shoes in your post. My suits were primary purchased from 2 sources. Barneys, always on sale, and Daffy's which has gone out of business. Sob, sob. I haven't bought a suit in a while (have too many as it is) but I've purchased half a dozen SCs off of ebay and thrifted maybe 4 or 5 more. I tend to bing on one item at a time.
^^^^Welcome. I can't see the details of your suit. Is it a solid navy? I don't think JAB gets much love here as the material and workmanship are not up to the standard generally posted in this thread. From what I can see, your suit could stand some tailoring in the shoulder area in the rear and the pants are too long with way too much "break". The "Shows" look a little ruff for posting in this thread as well. Shirt and tie don't seem bad at all. Keep lurkin' and...
Gorgeous day here in NYC. Wish we had 8 months of days like today! Oh yeah, then we'd be San Diego. Anywho, I've been trying forever to find a tie that I really like with this suit. The search continues but for now, how's this one? Not sure what's going on with my sleeves.... Suit: Dino Baldini Shirt: A. Bastile Tie: Altea ps I didn't realize that my ps had exploded until after the pics were taken. My 12 yo daughter takes better pics than I do!
^^^ Good Stuff B_U.
Well I won't argue perspectives but the closeup of my jacket shows a pattern and color that would be a bit odd if rendered as a suit. I don't agree with either of your opinions that these look like mixed and matched suit pieces but again, I won't argue your opinion. I continue to believe that this fit is an excellent one.As for bolder patterns on sport jackets, sure it might make it all the more obvious that the garment is not a suit separate a but this isn't an absolute...
New Posts  All Forums: