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AAS and Gringo Daddy, I really like your fits. Good stuff!
I actually like mine as much or more than any of the other fits I've seen in this challenge but I don't get much love here so I'm not expecting much support. Crusty is never a bad choice but is sorta blah and Stichie's is nice but I agree with the comment regarding lack of contrast. I like SB's tie and I almost wore a BB that looks just like it!
Nice to see you posting again. Always admired your style.
Nice jacket. Is it part of a suit? You are right about the ps. Not liking the tie so much....
^^^ That's a nice bow tie!
Thanks Choc. Looking forward to seeing what come up with. I'm sure it will look great!
XPost from the Friday challenge. This one is a toughie considering the very limited colors to be used. I thought of going charcoal ala Sir Stichie but I didn't have a navy tie that would really pop with a darker gray suit. The other tie I was going to wear with this suit was much to similar to the one SB is wearing so I settled for this one. Suit: RLPL Shoes: Santoni Shirt & Tie: Armani
Good stuff posted already. I tried for something texturally interesting considering the limited palate for this challenge. The suit is a gray nailhead from RLPL, wool/silk tie and cotton shirt from Armani and Santoni shoes. The tie is a very dark navy with muted dots that you can barely see from any distance. Far more muted than the closeup shot would lead you to believe.
This is good stuff SB. I like everything!
^^^^ TTO, great to see you post again. You are one of my inspirations. Great fit and form as usual!!! If only I could grow a beard half that awesome, I'd be a happy man. Oh well....
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