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Actually there is a breast pocket. Crappy phone camera isn't great for picking up detail. Hmmm, I actually liked the fact that the tie was similar texture as the suit but I appreciate your feedback. The shirt is actually a thin blue stripe. The tie is blue and brown. colors are seriously washed out by camera.
Okay, I guess summer is officially over. Pretty cool this morning so I broke out the flannel today. Suit is a light brown flannel by Calvin Klein collection Tie is wool by Tombolini Suede loafer by Moreschi
Some recent sport coat finds. Opinions please.. Marian Rubinacci Faconnable by Cantarelli Cornelliani CC
TTO is just killer. Honorable mention to Stitch and HF.
Jacket is by RLBLPants are PRL
Off to see the in laws.
AAS, I can't help but think how nice this would look with a navy blazer instead.
Non alcohol stained casual Friday fit... SC RLBL Trou Incotex Tie Altea Shoes SFA
^^^^ Depressing.
^^^^ Looking good Betel!
New Posts  All Forums: