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Yes it is! Thanks for the assist.
I'm in! This should be interesting...
Thanks Faribeana (Nice update on the avatar)! The shoes are Magnanni. You can find good deals for them on ebay. They retail for upwards of $300 but I've been able to find them for $100 to $180 on ebay.
Nice fit SB! It is seriously hot and muggy today so out came my super lightweight khaki suit! Suit: Jey Coleman In case you can't tell from my crappy pics, the tie is blue/white/brown. Shirt is white.
Nice fit, EPIC pose!!!
OMG, that is just toooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!!! That's a good look bro. I have two daughters and two sons. My youngest is 12 and the oldest is 21. Damn, it seems like only yesterday that they were all as small as yours. Enjoy everyday (You to Derek) of this stage. It goes by much too quickly!
Spoomeister, that's an awesome fit!!!!
Thanks fellas'. It's one of my favorites....
Off to church on a gorgeous day in New York. SC PRL Linen Tie BB Pants Incotex
Wow! That's an amazingly nice suit. Love the color!!
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