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Life is about options Derek. I think you chose the low road in the wording of your response. If I had worded the post you are responding to differently, it might have merited your shreiking response. Maybe this is the way you always conduct yourself when confronted with an opinion with which you do not agree. If so, I think that's unfortunate.
Thanks for the level headed response Stitchie. As I posted previously, I still anticipate that I will learn from future challenges by merely viewing. There is no intent to "punish" anyone by not participating in the challenge. The very notion is humorous to me and never crossed my mind. It just isn't that serious. It's all good fellas. I'm not worked up over this. If I'm wrong about the bias, so be it. I wrote my opinion and I'll stand by it. If others don't agree,...
If you actually read what I posted, I stated my opinion while still being complementary to other participants. There is no bitching whatsoever so Derek response was needlessly rude and personal. Other than noting what appears to be a bias towards certain (again, just my opinon) posters, no attacking of anyone's fit, no bitching about anything whatsoever. The response was unwarranted. Anyway, Derek apology accepted. I have to assume that you did not mean to come off...
Uh Derek, no reason for disrepect and we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. There is no bitching or raving in my post. Just calling it as it appears to me and I'm entitled to do so. Your vehement response is over the top and needlessly rude. Peace bruh, it ain't that serious.... Edit: Come to think of it, I'll chalk this up to your lack of sleep this weekend because of the cranky little one.
Stichie, nice SC. I really like the texture and it looks good with those gray trousers. Deets of the SC please. Double vented?
Amen!!!ps Derek, I feel your pain. I'm so happy those days are loooong behind me. Hang in there, you'll make it.
Well of course it would look good with a black tie. However, I thought the challenge required a navy tie.....No? The tie is navy. The dots are only really visible under the flash of the camera at close range.Anyway, nice win Stitchie. I really liked the individual pieces in your fit. I just didn't think there was much pop in the contrast between your suit and tie.I'll pass on future challenges as there appears to be a bit of a bias in the voting. It's always good to...
AAS and Gringo Daddy, I really like your fits. Good stuff!
I actually like mine as much or more than any of the other fits I've seen in this challenge but I don't get much love here so I'm not expecting much support. Crusty is never a bad choice but is sorta blah and Stichie's is nice but I agree with the comment regarding lack of contrast. I like SB's tie and I almost wore a BB that looks just like it!
Nice to see you posting again. Always admired your style.
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