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WOW! I love this!!!!!
Simple and clean. Me Likey!!!!!
PM sent....
Great looking suit and the shirt is fine. I think it just needs the right tie and this fit would be awesome.
^^^^ I love this!!!
Kai, I really like this fit on you. To my eye, the construction of this jacket looks much better than some of the strong shouldered suit jackets I've seen you wear in the past. Well done!
AAS, there's a lot going on in that fit but I think you pulled it off very well (except maybe the fun socks...LOL)
^^^ nice looking bag. How much?
Thanks MF. Yes, the sleeves are an inch or so too long. I seem to have the check area pointed out to me in a lot of my fits, Maybe I should ease off all the bench pressing and do more cardio!
Nice fit HF! I went with a blue pinstripe today as well. There is something about the way that this suit fits that is a bit off to me. Any suggestions on what alterations it might require?
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