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Jacket is by RLBLPants are PRL
Off to see the in laws.
AAS, I can't help but think how nice this would look with a navy blazer instead.
Non alcohol stained casual Friday fit... SC RLBL Trou Incotex Tie Altea Shoes SFA
^^^^ Depressing.
^^^^ Looking good Betel!
RDiaz presents the "In Stride" pose... EPIC!
Wow Holdfast, this is top drawer stuff. It is my favorite post by you to date. Really, really handsome suit!Terrorsquad, best first post ever!!!!! Awesome.Derk, that tie is great. Love the color and texture. I'm also a big fan of peak lapels so thumbs up on the SC as well!
No gap here Caustic! LOL RDiaz and TTO with killer fits!!! Damn!!
Today's plaid get up! Feeling like Fall here in NYC. Suit RLBL Shoes: SFA Tie: BB
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