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Today's plaid get up! Feeling like Fall here in NYC. Suit RLBL Shoes: SFA Tie: BB
Late to the party! Pics of yesterdays fit represented by the usual crappy pics... Suit: RLBL Shoes: Gravati for Arthur Beren Tie: Barneys
This should be a good one. Can't wait to view the entries....
Good stuff here!Stitichie, that's might be my favorite SC fit I've seen from you!
Congrats Stitchmeister!!!!
Crusty, I would wager a tidey sum that you are correct on that one.Caustic, give him a big hug for me and bring something nice for the baby (infant)! LOL
Real internet bad ass aren't you? You seem to think that the issue I have is with a difference of opinion. Your quite wrong in that regard. I'm just wondering why you think it's necessary to address someone in this fashion over a fairly innocuose statement. Disagreeing or not "winning" isn't the problem here. It's the complete lack of common courtesy in stating your view. Am I supposed to be shook up now or intimidated by you?? Derek says "move the fuck on"! ...
Damn, this +1000!!!!
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