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I received this handsome pair of Rothschilds in "Antique Oak" as a gift. Unfortunately never got to wear them as they are too small. Put them up on the auction site. Oh well….
10.5 UK, 11 U.S. Paul
LOL, No, but thanks for the offer... Paul
Brand New. Given as a gift but are too small and I can't return them. Tried on but NEVER worn. I believe my price is less than half retail. Paypal only and prefer to ship to U.S. address only. Shipping will be $14 to U.S. addresses via priority mail with tracking number.
AAS, that is quite the killer combo. Very very nice!
Southernstyle, Those SCs are choice!!!
Thanks bro!
It's been a while since I posted anything but thought I'd kick off my reappearance with this. Might be the last warm day this year here in N.Y. mid 60's!
Stiches killed it today! Nice colors, textures and fit. Great shoes too!
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