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^^^ +100! (except maybe the kissy part, LOL)I haven't posted fits very much, but thought I'd post this outfit I'm wearing today in order to attend my wife's graduation ceremony. She's receiving her second masters in education today. Since it's going to be 1,000 degrees, I broke out the seersucker!I apologize in advance that the pics are of poor quality. The shoes are tan double monks.
I've always been of the opinion that I was a well dressed fellow. Then I began viewing this site and the fits worn by Victor, Spoo and Butler (along with an asian fellow who no longer seems to post here) convinced me that there was a "whole notha' level" to which I could only hope to aspire. I don't mean to leave out any of the other extremely well dressed men on this site. It's just that those 4 immediately came to mind. The sheer number of well tailored/coordinated...
Sander, great pics and I love that db blue jacket!
You really do have a very well developed sense of personal style and I commend you on that. It seems effortless and comfortable.Well done!
Trades? I have a nice pair of Fratteli Peluso's for Barneys suede loafers in a size 12. Looking for Polo or other nice line or cotton SCs in a size 44R
As good as it gets! Very well done.
Stitches, That "check on check" combo in your latest fit is killer!
You are ROCKIN' the seersucker my brother!!!! Nothing but some serious swagger in these pics.
Nicely done....
^^^ Agreed.
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