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This is a very nice example of a proper jacket for wearing with chinos, or similar pant. I've seen a lot of pics of formal blazers worn with chinos lately and it just doesn't look right to my eye. This fit however, is how it's done properly.
Well then, I need photographic evidence of your worthiness!!!
Good stuff. This is a great looking suit!Halbglatzkopfig Verein? I can't even get a decent translation for Halbglatzkopfig ! (Verein = club) I'll need to come up with something better than " tweener" I guess but you still have far too much "lunatic fringe" to qualify. You and Jason will just have to start your own club!Big White Balloon skull....
Wow, really? I could not tell that from the pics. I don't doubt you for a second, it just doesn't look that way. Width aside, I still think there is another fit of yours that will make better use of that tie.
Monkeyface, Nothing wrong with the tie per say, but I'm not sure how well it works with the rest of your outfit. It certainly seems a bit narrow for the lapels of your suit.
^^^^ The K.I.S.S. technique. Very nice.
LOL, no need for an opthamologist at this point. I've already been condemned to wearing "readers". In spite of my compromised vision, I can still see that you have an enviable assortment of suits/shirts/ties/cufflinks/shoes, etc. and more than enough style to coordinate them quite well.However, you still have too much hair to gain entry into the club. I'll check back again when you've reached say, 15 or 16.Cheers!
I think Butler's gray outfit in the What Are You Wearing Now thread is one the the best I've seen on SF. The above suit originally posted by Patrick Booth is sick and the peak lapels really distinguish it from every other dark gray suit seen on these pages. Well done Sir!
Kappelan, great picture. I'm jealous. Yet another staycation in sweltering NYC.... I nominate myself and Tirailleurl for the AWESOME BALDNESS club. Upr Crust, I would have added your name but you are a bit of a "Tweener". LOL
Hmmm, interesting. Although Stitches is sporting a very nice pair of shoes, I'm at a loss as to what makes this a great look.... Claghorn, I really like the color and drape of the material on that suit. I've been looking for suit that color for awhile now.
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