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In an effort to enhance my spring sport coat collection, I picked up three "Polo" RL linen jackets on ebay. The jackets are olive, navy and a medium blue/grey with a nice herringbone pattern. After they arrived, I couldn't help but notice how heavy these things are. I've never held a linen garment as heavy as these SCs in my life! I'm not aware of linen being a fall/winter garment so what could be the point of making a summer garment so heavy that it can't be worn...
I'll take the Jocobson...
Hello, What's the width on the Jack Wills and the Henry Jacobson?
I'm looking for a basic solid grey suit, 44r. No pleats and preferably double vented but single will do.
TTO, Completely awesome in every respect! Major props to you "Oh Great Bearded One".
Trade for?
^ Nice combo up top!
Looking for a soft sided leather/canvas briefcase...
How heavy/warm would you say this coat is?
if anyone has or comes across a nice pair dark brown, flat front wool pants in a size 38x30,32....please keep me in mind.
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