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AAS, Normally I'm a big fan of your fits but I can't get past the feeling that the top of your looks deserves a better pairing than what you chose as the bottom half. Maybe it's the combination of heavier fabric/bold colors with light weight, light colored pants? Not loving the loafers either but they might look better with a darker pant too???? Like I said, love the top half! SB, this is one of my favorite posts by you. Really nice looking suit! Clag, that SC is...
So many good fits posted of late, I've truly enjoyed perusing the last 20 or so pages! Well, it's been quite a while since I posted anything but the warmer weather has reenergized me. So here's my humble contribution. Apologies for the lousy phone pics. Hmmm..I do believe the sleeves on this SC could be a bit longer. Oh well, Happy Spring fellas!
Well Sir, Spring is in the air and I'm feeling motivated to put together some new fits. So soon, very soon....
Victor, the variety and awesomeness of your wardrobe is enviable. The fact that you know how to put it all together and look good as you do in them is irritating! LOL Seriously though, casual, business, formal, it doesn't matter, you do them all quite well! Glad to see you back...
Are these a us 11 or uk 11?
Nice! I've been wondering what else to wear with my similarly colored green jacket. I've worn it once so far with a pair of navy flannel pants. I do have some nice brown flannel trousers that I may try next...
Well done as usual AAS. I can't quite tell, are the pants brown wool?
^^^ Is the color of that suit charcoal? Love the shoes too!
Mr. Chris, the roll of that lapel is sexy as hell!
That would be awesome!
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