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A flannel kind of day in NYC...
Payment received???
Hello Gents, I just picked up these nice Campanile loafers. Refined enough for a suit or should I only wear these with more casual attire (sport coats, khakis, slacks, etc.)?
PM sent.
PM sent....
Have a great weekend fellas!
I have these really nice Sassetti's in a US 12 that I would trade for something nice in a cordovan/burgundy 12 US. I've worn the Sassettis less than 10 times. They are pictured WITHOUT shoe trees so you can see the actual condition. They are stored with shoes trees..always.
Trying out a new jacket today. I really love the texture.    
Love of the fabrics and colors and how you put it all together. One question though, is the length of the jacket a personal preference of yours? It seems a bit short on you. It's made all the more noticeable because of the "fullness" of the trousers. Perhaps if the trousers were a bit slimmer, it wouldn't be as pronounced as it appears to me...
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