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That's kind of what I anticipated the response would be but I was fairly certain I'd seen a few nice fits with loafers in the WAYWRN thread. Maybe I'm misremembering...
I just purchased a really nice pair of loafers (Campanile) and although I don't usually wear loafers (with the exception of double monks) with a suit, I'm wondering if these are considered "dressy" enough to wear with a suit. Also, for those you who do wear your loafers with suits, what style loafer do you find works best? Pics are welcome!!!!
A flannel kind of day in NYC...
Payment received???
Hello Gents, I just picked up these nice Campanile loafers. Refined enough for a suit or should I only wear these with more casual attire (sport coats, khakis, slacks, etc.)?
PM sent.
PM sent....
Have a great weekend fellas!
I have these really nice Sassetti's in a US 12 that I would trade for something nice in a cordovan/burgundy 12 US. I've worn the Sassettis less than 10 times. They are pictured WITHOUT shoe trees so you can see the actual condition. They are stored with shoes trees..always.
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