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Southernstyle, Those SCs are choice!!!
Thanks bro!
It's been a while since I posted anything but thought I'd kick off my reappearance with this. Might be the last warm day this year here in N.Y. mid 60's!
Stiches killed it today! Nice colors, textures and fit. Great shoes too!
Nicely done SCBrown. Great to see a young man even try to pull off a look like this! EliodA - Nice fit although I'm not sure I would have gone with that particular shirt (pattern). Looks good overall though...
^^^ I go away for awhile and you start wearing pants that actually touch the tops of your shoes...LOL Kidding, but this is a nice fit. Well done!
Strike a pose yound man! Well done as usual! Although you might have gone with a different ps, I'm not mad at ya'.
One of the best DB fits I've seen in quite some time!Well done....
That is some Jacket AAS. You pull it off well though!
Apparently, you killed it every day. Way to represent!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: