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10sei0otto Back Zip Boots in 43IT / 10-11 US Made in Italy from Guidi Leather, slight distressed look, very rare. Condition is 9/10, only worn a few times outside, vibram sole. Retail Price : 700$ + Similar to Julius, Layer 0, Marsell, Attachment, CCP etc.
590 USD shipped now, last chance to get them tonight they'll be gone !
DBSS Black Sneakers Size 3 BNIB I'm selling these DBSS sneaks retro 08 in Size 3 (44-46), Brand New in Box : If they aren't gone in 2 days, I send them back for refund, so buy them quick guys ! I ask what I paid for them : 590 USD shipped.
On e-bay now.
Last price drop it won't go cheaper [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
Price drop, com'on
Many Pm for the DBSS but still here and fit pics added for the jacket.
Price Drop on the Jacket, I want those gone people !
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