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Passing on the right is perfectly legal in CA and there is no mandated "passing lane." It's fucking ridiculous, but that's what we have. 
attended a wedding...       Details
attended a wedding...       Details
looks great!   Same as my jacket, looks like the breast pocket is a little low. May be a matter of taste.
 Yes, this is fantastic. All of it. You had my interest; now you have my envy.
Epaulet / Southwick navy hopsack suit:           Details
 Thanks, yeah the gorge is a bit high. And with a lower gorge, the breast pocket location might look better, but functionally, it's too low for what I use it for, which is glasses/sunglasses storage. With it as low as it is now, that puts the bottom of the pocket too low for the glasses to fit in with the shape of the jacket. So I'll probably end up doing both; lowering the gorge a bit and raising the breast pocket, and I think overall that'll give a better overall...
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