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PROXY UPDATE   Everything is packed up.   If your order is shipping via USPS, you should already have an email with a tracking number. It's all being dropped off at the post office over lunch.   If you had one of the larger orders (anyone who hasn't heard from me yet), yours is going to be shipped via UPS and you will get a quote from me later today.   Thanks again to everyone who ordered from me!
a few more special offers:   Eisenhower Loden Suede XL: $350   Eisenhower Espresso Suede XL: $350   Eisenhower Navy Melton Wool L: $150
Vass sold   that was fast   (no one should be surprised)
PROXY SPECIALS Guys, I can't take any more special requests at this point, but I do have the following to offer:     Vass burgundy shell cordovan captoe samples -- worn 2-3 times for a photo shoot Size 42.5 $300   Brown leather motorcycle jacket Size MEDIUM $600   Carminas LEFT: penny loafer; Sizes UK7, UK7.5, UK8 RIGHT: string loafer; Sizes UK7, UK8.5 $180
 Hrm, where have I seen this before? 
this reminds me of Undercover Brother
PROXY UPDATE     To follow up on Mike's post, I want to let everyone know that I've reached the limit of what I can take payments for before Saturday.   If you are one of the 5 or 6 people who sent me PMs in the last 24 hours or so and don't have a response from me yet, then unfortunately you're going to have to wait and see how things shape up on Saturday. If it looks like I'll be able to help you, then I will let you know at that time.   Thanks to everyone who has...
 Yeah, styleforum seems to hate those shoes but I agree that if I could call them MMM opinion might be different. I missed out on the linen MMM loafers that Regis has, so these are sort of a stand-in but I also like the 1950s/1970s old man vibe they give off, with a bit of IDGAF thrown in for good measure. They probably look better with a beach background than a city background. Or maybe I need to be standing in front of a brown MKIII Cortina to get my point...
PROXY UPDATE 2: EPAULET-SHIPPED-TO-YOU   GENTLEMEN: Thanks so much for all the orders so far. I've built out a giant spreadsheet to keep track of all the orders and my apologies to those who have to wait for a shipping quote, but I aim to get this all taken care of promptly. Everyone has been really great at following the instructions, so we are in great shape so far. Thanks for bearing with me while I go back and forth checking on availability, and I've only had one...
yooxepauletRRLthrift  [[SPOILER]]   
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