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 That was where I got the idea, yeah. I was surprised when I measured and found the front was a full 2 inches shorter than the rear panel on one of my Epaulet shirts. And by the time I realized this was why they work so much better as casual shirts than any of my MTM (that were the same front & back), I had already worked out a bunch of niggles so starting from scratch and having them just copy an Epaulet shirt would have set me back a lot more than it would have gotten me...
 So this turned out great once it was clear what I was asking for. Order is 12766 for anyone interested. 
Table/bench & chairs
well so we are now at the point where fuccboi has intersected with r/mra
Epaulet Tennis Trainers      
Our Legacy APC Epaulet
Epaulet medium grey 120s walt pants   [[SPOILER]]
yes to collar but no to epaulets
 I particularly enjoyed this one.
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