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too damn sunny & shadowy lately    [[SPOILER]]
Epaulet navy hopsack blazer and tan linen Walt pantsCarmina Austerity Brogues  [[SPOILER]]
so my wife received an Everlane catalog in the mail...   um...  
boring work fit   [[SPOILER]]
Epaulet Ashland shirt and regimental twill Walt pants  [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah our experience was that Malmo was just smaller and did not have very much going on. It did seem cleaner compared to Copenhagen but that may have just been the areas we saw. We only spent an afternoon there before heading back to Copenhagen but we did feel like we walked all over the city as it just wasn't that big. It made me interested to check out more of Sweden but next time I need to go to somewhere like Gothenburg or Stockholm. Or get a car and explore outside...
Um, Banana Republic chinos are not sex, ok
Epaulet cranberry madras shirt  [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah, I can see that. Frankly, I had refrained from this combo for that reason but yesterday I thought I would give it a try nevertheless. But ultimately I think I agree, the pants are too similar in texture and the competing patterns (the pants are a glen plaid) result in overload. Anyway, back to basics today: EpauletRRLMMM  [[SPOILER]]
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