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Will accept older fitsAlso I may extend this a week to see if we can get a few more entries. So far what we have is very strong but pretty limited in number.
 3" is quickly becoming too narrow and even 3.25 is probably conservative. The guys on the other side of the forum are into 9cm ties pretty heavily lately, which is just over 3.5" and pairs well with the wider lapeled soft-shoulder Italian jackets that are also in favor.  Now, in "real life" I still see plenty of holdouts from the last decade wearing skinny lapels and skinny ties but this look is more likely on its way out than anything else. I don't think we are on our...
 The only boots I have currently are my LL Bean duck boots -- guessing you didn't want to see those there.  Living in Southern California I really never need boots and usually it's too hot for them. The only time I would actually wear boots these days is when I'm traveling to the snow, so I sold off all the other boots I had awhile ago. That said, I have not ignored the earlier suggestions regarding some chelsea boots but just haven't found any that I've liked yet.
  The Luxire shirt is probably more consistent back to front that way. I hadn't even noticed though. That's really an incredibly minor detail. Here is how the Luxire shirt came out. This is at the end of the day so there are some wrinkles.  
    Luxire RRL MMM
Epaulet navy hopsack suit    [[SPOILER]]
  100% in for @Roycru meetup  [[SPOILER]]
New Luxire shirt collar
New Posts  All Forums: