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 *...in parts of the forum where people never understood their use in the first place.
best yet
[TRAILER VOICE]   Every rose has its thorn...   some cut deeper than others.   [/TRAILER VOICE]
 oh what the fuck
Height isn't as important as shoulder width I think, since that's whats going to make the collar look massive on smaller guys.
 Huh. I've never heard the term before but I've been taking the same approach lately. I've pared down a lot and have a lot of interchangeable stuff. My new closet has a rack that holds 8 pair of shoes so I am trying not to exceed that. If I get something new, then something else is going to have to go. Button-down shirts, I figure I only need like 10 max, so I'm trying to get to that number, sticking with mostly solids, and not buying any more shirts just because I like...
Imagine two gay dudes. 16 buttons.
$210. Yours for $220 shipped (within US) if you want them.
size 40. probably not going to be right for anyone on here but if someone wants to PM me before the box gets picked up...
yeah, I tried them on just for the hell of it and they are a little too tight. I don't really care for the colorway in any event though:  
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