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is that a shirt or a kitchen towel folded to look like a shirt
the Official Streetwear and Denim What Is On Your Desk Today thread
 oh look, it's the welcome wagon
 Excellent, excellent, holy crap. And that loft? Buy that loft. Buy it. Then we can be loft bros and do a west coast/east coast loft swap one week a year.
 extremely subtle but brilliant trolling, considering neither is supposed to refer to one another much less address each other directly
- beautiful woman styles amazing clothes in awesome ways   - suburban dad trolls online fashion forum   shocking that we'd apply different standards to one versus the other
 Yes I would also like to know about this
 Damn, I like this a lot too. Would also be interested in hearing about options if anyone knows any.
 Well, Stanley Van Buren is not my real name, but yes.
 I think a lot of it, especially this past year, has been that prior branching out caused me to find a couple things I like but also to have a bunch of misfires that reminded me that I liked what I was doing before better to some extent. And I am still constrained by being in an office setting 5 days a week, which isn't always conducive to wild experimentation, and which also has made me realize, fuck it, I do need a couple pair of uniqlo slim fit chinos and v-neck merino...
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