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 Yes, this is fantastic. All of it. You had my interest; now you have my envy.
Epaulet / Southwick navy hopsack suit:           Details
 Thanks, yeah the gorge is a bit high. And with a lower gorge, the breast pocket location might look better, but functionally, it's too low for what I use it for, which is glasses/sunglasses storage. With it as low as it is now, that puts the bottom of the pocket too low for the glasses to fit in with the shape of the jacket. So I'll probably end up doing both; lowering the gorge a bit and raising the breast pocket, and I think overall that'll give a better overall...
another variation with the new Luxire jacket    
except these are from Portugal, right? Call it the Evora.
 I did not send them a jacket. As I said above, I had a hard time finding anything close to the shape/fit that I wanted OTR. So this jacket represents an amalgamation of several different jackets from which I took measurements, which included a lot of careful cross-checking to make sure everything jived and didn't present conflict. I mostly took measurements from one of my Southwick suit jackets, but used shoulder measurements from a jacket with unconstructed shoulders in...
 Thanks! Yeah, they nailed the measurements. I was ready for this to be an experiment and possibly-wearable, but I was really pleasantly surprised by how great it turned out both in terms of fit and in terms of having all the features/measurements I asked for. I specified things like the button stance, distance between the buttons, size & location of the patch pockets, depth of the rear vents, etc, and everything is exactly as requested.  The canvas fabric feels like it...
So I received my first Luxire sport coat yesterday:         Details   Overall, I'm very pleased with the result. This is a completely unlined, unstructured shoulder jacket in brown linen/cotton canvas. I wanted a casual jacket in this style and the only stuff available OTR in my size was way too short with far too high of a buttoning point. So this one is 30.5 inches long with what I would safely call a "low" buttoning point. The lapels are 3.5 inches wide....
New Posts  All Forums: