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 I can provide you guys with a referral for a doctor in Beverly Hills along with the sale; PM me for details
 This is great, but would be perfect with just a plain white linen PS.
 I feel like you are not going to regret this decision, even if you and I are the only ones on this site who dig these.
Solid look/uniform. I dig the patch pockets on the jacket.   We call this the California Tuxedo. Any chance you're out here? 
 that's a tempting strategy, but I see a few problems: 1. it assumes any potential buyer is going to see the auction within the week or whatever timeframe you specify. I've had auctions where they get relisted 3-4 times with no bids but then all of a sudden someone snatches it up. so starting at a penny and only running it for one week runs the risk that it ends super low (see #2) as opposed to it not selling one week, but then fetching a decent price later on. 2. it...
my google translate app says cotton / polyurethane so that might be exciting
 Excellent news on both fronts. 
 Too bad their sizing is fucking ridiculous -- stuff like 18" shoulders and a 15.5" collar on an XS... 
I came very close to ordering that one too -- looks awesome, especially with the knit tie.
well clearly you are not watching enough Top Gear
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