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I ran a message board once.  One thing I learned is that you cannot tell users to do anything and expect them to do it. It's like a road. If you want people to drive fast, make your road wide and straight. If you want them to drive slow, make it narrow and twisty. But if you build a wide straight road and post a 25mph speed limit on it, people are going to tend to ignore it. Or, to use a different analogy:   [[SPOILER]]
 AHHHHHH!!! dammit, you got me. I missed it the first time. I can't believe I didn't catch that.
ATTENTION LOS ANGELES PEOPLE   MEETUP WEDNESDAY 12/10 7PM   CHEZ VAN BUREN, DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES   Mike is in town, for a limited time only! Anyone who is around that would like to join us for drinks is welcome to come by my place this Wednesday evening where we will be hanging out, sipping whiskey, and possibly checking out some samples or whatever Mike may have with him. I'll let him elaborate on what that might be. I'm happy to open my doors to fellow Epaulet...
difficult lighting conditions this time of day EpauletModerntailorUniqloBexley "What are you actually wearing today?" Someone brought this idea up awhile back, for those of us who don't always #fashion every single day to admit what we are wearing most of the time we're not posting. For me it's some combination of this; a mtm shirt and uniqlo slim fit chinos, paired with these suede loafers (which I realize -- styleforum typically hates loafers, but these are probably the...
 Heh, yes. I will echo both the facts and sentiment of this statement. We are ok where we are. I did jump out of bed at 4am to check to make sure our stove wasn't on or something, but we are more than a safe distance enough away, thankfully. I guess it started around 3am so I caught the smell not too long after. I hear they suspect arson and I would not be surprised if it's the result of backlash against new development, which downtown is seeing more and more of, good and...
 I don't know; I would say you are winning the abode game at the moment. Your place makes mine look so cluttered. And I LOVE those dining chairs. Do you have the tulip table to go with them though?
Had a holiday party, so you know what that means...       Epaulet (x2) Bexley
Had a holiday party, so you know what that means...     Epaulet Luchino polo and Walt pants
 It's not bad, I think. Especially given that this is not an expensive jacket. It was a yoox roulette gamble that paid off as far as I am concerned. It is tagged 42% cotton / 68% linen, which makes it 110% awesome. I was expecting it to be more lightweight than it actually is, but I'm actually more pleased with what it turned out to be. It's probably the casual blazer that I wear more than any of my other ones now. The fabric is soft and pretty wrinkle-resistant. It's 3/8...
AT.P.COUniqloModerntailorRRLMMM  [[SPOILER]]
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