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 We need a separate thread for this, don't we? This is always a topic that I find interesting. There are several approaches, or rather, a range of approaches, I suppose, from ultra-minimal Zuckerberg approach to the full KitonBrioni (guy had extra rooms full of clothes). Lately I've been trying to maintain a one-in, one-out policy in my wardrobe and a goal of slimming down overall, wherever possible. I've sold off some stuff, and donates a bunch more that wouldn't be worth...
cross-posting from CM. No crazy wall synergy here, but got a new suit. longer jacket length, which I think is an improvement:     [[SPOILER]]
and so here is the EFF E.Thomas Charcoal Hopsack          
I believe the answer you're looking for is Our Legacy 70s wash
was just there Saturday. 
Epaulet x Individualized flannel    
is it ridiculous for me to have the pockets swapped on my beat-to-hell APC NS? Ever since I upgraded to the iPhone6 I haven't been able to wear them with the phone in the pocket which basically means I haven't been able to wear them 
but that's not important right now
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