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I can't believe how long it has been for some of the stuff I am still wearing. Ever since I joined SF, I've been retaining a lot more. I used to go through a wardrobe every year (but it was all cheap garbage). Now I have stuff like:   - APCs purchased in Nov 2009 - RRL chinos purchased in Feb 2011 - MMM GATs purchased in Jul 2012 (2 yrs not bad for sneakers)   I still feel like I bought these "just the other day."
yes you could say he has ensnared our collective adoration
Stitches continual improvement never ceases to amaze. There are others whose style/direction remains far ahead, but I feel like there have been 3 or 4 times in the last 6 months that I've thought, "wow, that is the best Stitches fit I've seen yet."
 This was my question too, and the answer is that second one. I guess the dyeing process is more than enough to get any & all shrinkage out.
 I should just clarify -- it is size of the collar point that is smaller on this than was originally planned. This was the final sample, for reference: 
So I picked up the EPLA navy overdye oxford at the sale, and figured I would post a photo so you guys could check it out. These came out really great; the fabric is soft, the construction looks and feels really solid, and the color looks amazing in both natural and artificial light. I am normally an XS and the EPLA size S was perfect for me, so that is my one warning about these. The collars on this first batch are smaller than what was planned, so if you saw the sample...
  Epaulet (x2) MMM
from Saturday...   Epaulet blue OCBD and MTO rivet chinos
One of my friends grabbed a few photos from later in the day on Saturday, after the line around the block died down:      
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