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 not saying post count is the be-all end-all of forum hierarchy but when someone with ~50 posts starts attacking someone with ~5000, it usually plays out the same way
 The  of SW&D
it's 2015 and people are still joining internet message boards and attacking members with 100 times their post count 
quoi? je m'en fous   [[SPOILER]]
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@The3rdConch0rd I enjoy your fits.      
I've handled a few mold cases in Southern California. A few things to keep in mind:   1. There are several different kinds of mold, and only a few are harmful, the rest are just a nuisance (but you won't get sick).   2. Harmful molds still need to become airborne to make you sick. Thus if, for instance, you have mold on the inside of your walls, you should remediate it but you probably don't need to move out if they contain the area where they're working. You can even...
All shirts have been worn and washed but do not have any defects or excessive wear.  Shipping is $6 via USPS priority mail (will combine shipping when possible). 1. Epaulet Cranberry Madras: $49Size XS 2. Epaulet Red/Blue buffalo check flannel: $49Size XS    [[SPOILER]]        [[SPOILER]]
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