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  So are these not going to be offered in smaller sizes? I thought I missed the jump on the boots and that my size just sold out before I saw them, but these appear to have just posted and I don't see anything in the US size 8 range.
we're not going to know until/unless you deliver
And tell me your height, weight, neck size, yoke size, and footwear size in Alden Barrie last
I need a full body pic including face in order to judge you     also it will help determine what collar I think you should do
would you like one of us to design a collar especially for you
 Far better user interface / web layout, better photography, clearer options. Far fewer options for customization. 
 I was going to say almost exactly this, but my version involves a detour to Islay for whisky tastings. Otherwise though, this plan is excellent.
astonishing knit   best beige fit
 Are you certain   [[SPOILER]]
 Just taking more of an interest. Classical tailoring is what got me into clothes in the first place but it hasn't really been my focus in the past few years. I'm trying to do a bit more keeping up with both sides of the spectrum lately.
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