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Yeah, I was definitely experimenting a bit with this look. I'm not sure agree with the idea of untucking the shirt but maybe an untucked polo is better. I do see the belt buckle and cuffs as throwing it off, and I wasn't sure about the shoes either. I think sneakers could work in this context but maybe just not the Vans which are kind of shapeless and clunky.   I'm starting to think that cuffs just aren't right for pants that aren't either denim or wool dress pants. I...
MTO black & tan rivet chinos  [[SPOILER]]      
Confezioni MarianomtmEpauletVans  [[SPOILER]]      
or, "still here from last year"
 These days I do have "better" shoes but sometimes/often I still prefer the loafers. #styleforumhatesloafers
Memorial Day     marine layer uniqlo uniqlo bexley
also my wife was totally snubbed. I was like "oh sure, both of us, or...?" and was told "oh, no. just you. It's a men's magazine."
Went for a hike in Griffith Park this morning. Wore a uniqlo polo and shorts with new balance sneakers. Got home, decided we'd go to the café a block away with our dog. I take the sneakers off and for a second consider putting my GATs on, but then figured, oh what the hell, it's just the café down the street, I'll just wear flip-flops. So I throw the flip-flops on, we walk a block down Broadway to Il Caffe (inside the Eastern Columbia building and attached to the new Acne...
 Honestly I've never had a problem with shipping USPS to LA. Maybe this is a San Francisco problem? I find UPS is slower so my vote would be to keep using USPS. Not like this is up for debate anyway...
 hand holes fingly dinglies
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