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 this is BEAUTIFUL
At home for my sister's wedding and apparently my mom has put up a bunch of old photos around the house. Thought you guys might enjoy this one:
German members: what do you call it when someone masquerades as taking the high ground but is in fact just trying make their enemies look bad by comparison? I assume in German there is one word that covers this.
 Well let's hope Synth doesn't do any of that then.
 I had my eye on that for awhile, waiting for the price to drop, but now that it finally has, I think I've changed my mind about it. Lapels too thin, center vent, no chest pocket... it's definitely cool, but I think it wouldn't be right for me in the long run. Thanks for keeping your eye out for me though.
 I think a lot of it had to do with what designers and fashion magazines (ie GQ) were pushing at the time, and the fact that other stuff was relatively unavailable. I think the phenomenon of certain eras having such a distinct look is going to be diluted somewhat now that the internet has made different styles more available. Don't get me wrong, there will still be a distinct "201x look" for suits when we're 10 years down the road looking back, but I don't think it will be...
 Ok, well with all due respect (which, let's be honest, is not a heaping portion), while you're not wrong, what you're overlooking is that I primarily post to get feedback on what works and what doesn't, not to show off how awesome my solidly sf-approved fits are. Like a lot of people, I stumbled a bit at first but with good feedback was able to hit my stride, which is I think the period of time you're talking about here. Once I got a good handle on what worked for me, I...
 Ha. I am struggling now as it is with seeing the remaining guys who are still wearing olive double-breasted suits from the 90s. They have the gall in 2014 to show up to the courthouse in these no-vent monstrosities, with their bengal-stripe dress shirts and brown Michael Scott ties. It's like they are *were using Liar Liar as a style manual. 
Mid-2014 fashion realizations / proclimations   So first, on the issue of travel shoes, I should say that my MMM GATs have proven to be solid travel shoes for bombing around Europe on a couple occasions and other places too. I don't get the people saying their CPs are more comfortable because, for me at least, the GATs are vastly superior in terms of comfort and support. Then again I also don't mind walking around a European city all day wearing leather-soled dress shoes...
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