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 No, I don't actually
 I was kind of hoping for this as well actually. It's an Everlane shirt and it has some slub to it but probably not quite enough to look rugged. It's also supposed to be a cream color but after one wash it's nearly white. I'm still on the lookout for a drapey linen v-neck. NN was saying Muji last I asked, but if they do have such a thing, it's not on their US site.
 Thanks! Yes, here's the post about the bleaching. http://stanleyvanburen.tumblr.com/post/28105823016/so-i-bought-some-apc-new-standards-in-november And obviously they've gotten significantly lighter since then, too.
 Thanks, yeah, went for the Luxire semi-spread, increased the height significantly and lengthened the points.
 Tie is J. Press. Same Epaulet suit again today:     [[SPOILER]]
APC NS (but tapered)
had an appearance out in Palm Springs and decided to pack simple which resulted in suit + boots     [[SPOILER]]
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