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to answer your question though, you have a bunch of patterns. I would honestly just say to get four plain white shirts and four plain light blue shirts before you do anything else. This is pretty basic advice that you'll find all over the internet but I can also say that I personally disregarded it when I first started dressing for business and I wish I hadn't.    that's a 0.1
I never thought I'd say this but maybe you should hire a "menswear consultant"   either that or I am going to start sending you a bill
it is timeless, classic, a staple in every man's wardrobe
 We need a better way to organize all the information that's here to be honest. Right now it's kind of scattered and we can't really expect people to read the whole damn thread or guess what the correct search terms are for a lot of this stuff.
can anyone recommend somewhere I can buy men's linen t-shirts?
so @colabear pointed out that my sketch made the curve of the tail look a little extreme, so I sent some revised images. hopefully the result turns out well:     ^^ this was the best shot I could find of me wearing an Epaulet shirt that showed both the front and back hems. If you ignore the tie that's slightly in the way you'll see what I'm talking about.
 Just give them the specs. I wouldn't advise the HC collar for you based on the width of your shoulders. The HC is based on the proper cloth milano which has long points and a very wide spread. It will extend halfway to the ends of your shoulders and just look huge. I tried the soft roma collar once which is more or less the same dimensions and it looked ridiculous so since your shoulders are only a quarter of an inch wider than mine I'd say don't do it.
 I don't think that would work. The specs I posted would be for a medium spread collar with a bit more height than the collar you're currently wearing. I'm not sure how it would make up into a BD with those specs. For a white dress shirt to be worn with ties, you ought to go with a non-BD anyway.
Ok @GuP, we are pretty similar. You appear to be just slightly larger all around than I am; an inch taller, shoulders slightly broader, neck slightly larger. You could probably wear any collar with similar dimensions to one of mine. But, you have a very round face that I think would benefit from a more medium spread. Also, your shirt is slightly in danger of being swallowed by the jacket but your neck isn't as long as mine so I wouldn't recommend you go for as tall a...
 I don't like the look of a square hem for untucked. It looks like someone had their tailor take a normal dress shirt and just chop it, or at best, it looks like a guayabera shirt, which if it's not actually a guayabera shirt, is weird. For untucked, I like curved hems but with the front shorter than the rear so that it doesn't hang lower than the crotch. I noticed this is how Epaulet's shirts are made, with the front being 2 inches shorter than the rear. It makes it so...
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