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white FC shirt with tweed sport coat & pants       
Everlane   Calabrese   Epaulet   Epaulet
 I think the issue is that I am almost always going to the areas where all there are are 2-hour meters and I have to be there for more than 2 hours. There are a lot of lawyers with Beverly Hills offices that do not have any parking to speak of and it's always a hassle for depositions.
 Did you read what I wrote? Quote:Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren  imagine this with a white collar
that particular shirt is horrible but we can't write off the concept of plaid/white collar entirely. that said, the only context I can imagine it working in would be as a tuxedo shirt in some kind of more formal plaid tartan, like dress stewart or, at a stretch, blackwatch. like imagine this with a white collar, and I'd say the result would at least be passable:     and the person wearing it should preferably be Scottish or of Scottish descent.
how you manage to spend time in BH and not use valet is beyond me...
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