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 every time I see you post it just makes me think about how your username sounds like a captcha 
 White MOP buttons, blue stripe liner, and I'd do open patch pockets on both the chest and hips but a welt chest pocket could do.
^ that was easily the best of the whole batch   looks even better made up.
    So I realize you've been slammed with the new MTO stuff but I figured I would just check in on this idea to see if it might still be in the works.
USD is slipping today. Now is your moment.
 I don't give a fuck about baseball but Dodger Blue is a beautiful color whereas orange and black is a heinous combination and appropriate only on Halloween, if even.
 Great fit. Excellent loft. 
  washed denim shirt
 well, you can always have the collar removed then. Or, hack it off with some scissors and let the edges fray.
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