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 No, not always. Most of the time though, yes, because otherwise not enough length of the tie gets used and I end up with the narrow end hanging lower by a couple of inches. I know some do this on purpose, even, but I think it's kind of an affected look. By the way, I've been admiring your suits a lot lately, I really like the natural shoulder and wider lapels you have going on.
Epaulet moderntailor Drake's Carmina    
ok you did not pour nearly enough into that shot glass
I had a dream last night that I time traveled back to 1976. After telling my wife she had to shut up about facebook or she was going to give us away, we went to a clothing store as I figured this would be a great opportunity to pick up some legit "vintage" stuff for cheap (we had remembered to bring cash in the form of the old $100 bills). But the suit I found was a double-breasted 2x1 with narrow lapels and upon trying it on and looking in the mirror, I realized this...
RRL Officer Chinos
 So... I guess this is my cue to tell you, well, first, really sorry to hear about the dog, and second, find out if they have insurance. Homeowner's, or even a renter's policy may provide coverage that could help. Generally negligent acts are covered and your argument would be that they were negligent in the supervision of their animal. My limited understanding of dog bite cases is that it's usually a person that gets bit that then sues, but I would imagine you could...
what can you tell us about the shape of the EPLA sport coat? curious about stuff like lapel width, buttoning point, and overall length.
I can think of a few things that I have had for awhile, but going back before 2007 it gets tricky... well, actually, I can say that I have had a pair of black Gap jeans for over 10 years. I think I bought them in 2003. They are straight leg but they feel exceptionally roomy. I wear them whenever I work on cars, so they are about 50% oil and brake fluid by now. I also have a navy polo from American Eagle that is roughly the same vintage (and is only worn with the...
New Posts  All Forums: