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some people don't have to argue that they are not hated on styleforum   still, why are we discussing this? I can think of a quite few people I would easily ban before I got around to determining if Moo was worth keeping around or not.
 that 7 year number seems rather specific, for talking years. seems rather long though in general. and this is guaranteed? it also sounds vaguely threatening. are you going to single white female Regis? In 7 years?
I, too, have seen funny things on the internet
 follow @Synthese on instagram; he is instagram.com/child_of_scorn it looks like they are off to a good start
 Right -- I knew there was another one I wasn't thinking of and that was it. I think one of the keys to why the wider lapels don't look bad like they did in the 70s is there isn't any belly to the lapels, which was common in the 70s and tended to really exaggerate the effect. Also, natural shoulders help too, I think.
Epaulet french blue duck canvas Rivet Chinos  [[SPOILER]]
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