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Heeeeeyyyyyy a math award!   I knew you guys were smart when you bailed out of the car.
Trial shirts are $35
pretty sure based on the roads around here this is what everyone should be driving but instead they all put 20" wheels on cars built for the nurburgring
from over the weekend...          
POLL ADDED   Voting ends 9/15/15 at Midnight GMT
 There will be a poll following the deadline.
 I'd be pretty into this if their OTR included down to size 34, but as usual, that's asking too much. 
@Roycru that was actually very useful information. I had previously looked into this and the only option I'd found was to take a train from Union Station down to Orange County (Anaheim, or somewhere) and then transfer to a bus to Palm Springs (which is ridiculous, because if I wanted to sit in traffic on a freeway I would do so in my car and never a bus). That spot where the station is "in Palm Springs" certainly is not in the middle of town but is not so far out that we...
this reminds me that I really need to take the train to SB for a weekend.   I wish there were a train from Union Station to Palm Springs...
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