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Epaulet/Southwick charcoal grey flannel DB suit    [[SPOILER]]
Does anyone else have an issue with the fact that the hem is stitched differently to everything else? Proper Cloth seems to stitch their hems very close to the edge. For a dress shirt that's going to be tucked in, it's not a big deal, but for a casual shirt that's going to be worn untucked, this presents a problem as the very small hem is much more prone to wrinkling. Is there some reason why the hem is not stitched 1/4 from the edge like everything else? Or, moreover, is...
 thanks! accurate/consistent. Mike has yet to be wrong for me on shoe size equivalency recommendations. I wore a size 8D in US dress shoes, back when I had any, and I wear a 7UK in Carminas, 40.5 in the tennis trainers, and a 7.5 in these, all of which are equivalent to a size 8 according to Mike (and listed on the product desc).  Nice! Should be just in time...
Cowhide Calgary bluchers were an "instakop" for me... shirt is one of the old Epaulet x Gitman "Ashland" shirts    
the usual...  
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Rivet chinos and tennis trainers:    
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