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 I'm 5'10" but regardless, I find this kind of advice completely useless. That's not going to happen so I don't know why you bother to persist with these suggestions like they haven't been shot down several times already.
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So I'm going to make the case again that I think full-cut pants work much better for me. They are definitely more comfortable and given my oddly shaped legs they seem to be the only way to get a clean vertical line.   Compare these two images; same jacket, same shoes, different pants. I think the tapered trousers make the fit look top-heavy whereas the full-cut trousers are more balanced and more in proportion. I wouldn't normally wear a tweed jacket with these...
 You're drunk and to answer the question you meant to ask, no I don't think it works. The collar points are too long and the spread is too wide. It looks good with a tie, but without one it takes up too much space on its own to not be distracting
whoa! Japan has got to be one hell of a first experience out of the country. Mine was England and I thought that was pretty different. I hope we get to hear more from your perspective on what the trip was like for you.
Epaulet Luchino polo and white tennis trainers    
This all is incredible.
then you have even less of an excuse for not keeping up
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