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Yeah so I've been pretty much wearing either my grey epaulet suit or this one lately:    
          tie is tied in a "Kent" knot. these J Press knit ties are fairly substantial no matter what ya do. maybe of interest to @DonCologne 
No, really though. This shtick is getting tired.
Not sure where to post this so posting here again.    I did a quick photoshop mockup of some modifications to my Epaulet jacket:   - wider lapels - longer length (and correspondingly slightly lower buttoning point - 2-button (instead of 3-roll-2) - hacking pockets   my questions are (1) would lapels this wide (approximately 9cm) be too out of proportion with my frame, and (2) slanted/hacking pockets,...
 these were my thoughts exactly. I hesitate to say that's all it is though, as I recall seeing Betelguewhatever's jacket initially had a similar issue on one of the sleeveheads. so it suggests there is some methodology being used here that is producing these results that can hopefully be corrected.
 Damn, those are some nice shots.
 dammit toasty did you read my post above 
or is Rick the obvious answer that I'm missing? does Rick make a linen T?
 No, I don't actually
 I was kind of hoping for this as well actually. It's an Everlane shirt and it has some slub to it but probably not quite enough to look rugged. It's also supposed to be a cream color but after one wash it's nearly white. I'm still on the lookout for a drapey linen v-neck. NN was saying Muji last I asked, but if they do have such a thing, it's not on their US site.
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