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AT.P.COUniqloRRLBexley  [[SPOILER]]  
 So I guess the type of elegance you're on a quest for isn't the type that includes coming across well on the internet.
 Thanks! Yeah, I think the longer length and lower buttoning point on this jacket are better for me. This suit is from H&M back in 2010. I bought it for a wedding I was in; I wouldn't ordinarily talk/brag about price but it's worth mentioning here as it was $60 for the jacket and $30 for the pants. I had to buy one size up (a 36 instead of a 34) which to some extent accounts for the longer length and lower buttoning point. Luckily like everything at H&M it was slim enough...
@Holdfast had the right idea today.   H&M Moderntailor Rooster Carmina      
 Yeah, I mean, let's not discuss fashion or anything
 "Ugh, don't you just hate it when this happens? Hold on a sec, dear..."
 This is my favorite from you yet. Texture of the jacket and tie are great and I love the subtle pattern of the shirt. Very nicely done. Also, I have been to your town, once, on my way from Gernsbach to Kehl. I only saw the train station though.
 haha yeah no kidding
FB Class Moderntailor Boggi Epaulet Bexley        
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