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RRL Officer Chinos
 So... I guess this is my cue to tell you, well, first, really sorry to hear about the dog, and second, find out if they have insurance. Homeowner's, or even a renter's policy may provide coverage that could help. Generally negligent acts are covered and your argument would be that they were negligent in the supervision of their animal. My limited understanding of dog bite cases is that it's usually a person that gets bit that then sues, but I would imagine you could...
what can you tell us about the shape of the EPLA sport coat? curious about stuff like lapel width, buttoning point, and overall length.
I can think of a few things that I have had for awhile, but going back before 2007 it gets tricky... well, actually, I can say that I have had a pair of black Gap jeans for over 10 years. I think I bought them in 2003. They are straight leg but they feel exceptionally roomy. I wear them whenever I work on cars, so they are about 50% oil and brake fluid by now. I also have a navy polo from American Eagle that is roughly the same vintage (and is only worn with the...
happy 4th of July, fellow stylefarmers moderntailorAPCMMM  [[SPOILER]]   
 This little bitchfest is stupid but it will have been worth it for "Captain of Curtains" if nothing else
 welcome to styleforum
 Thanks. I will make a note to check some of those places out. We don't know where we are staying yet but will probably try to find an airbnb; we are there for about a week, but for the weekend that we're there we have two other couples joining us from England and Germany, so I might try to find somewhere that will fit all 6 of us and just have the extra space the rest of the time. So if there are any neighborhoods you'd recommend or any we should avoid, that info would be...
does anyone know is they do a size 34/44 or if anyone stocks it? smallest I am seeing on Carson St is 36/46.
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