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EpauletLuxireDrake'sBexley  [[SPOILER]]
Epaulet meduim grey Super 120s suit  [[SPOILER]]  
EpauletLuxireDrake'sBexley  [[SPOILER]]
Our LegacyAPCEpaulet  [[SPOILER]]
 That's awesome. Sorry to belabor the point but is that exactly what you request -- "sleeves attached perpendicular to the body?" Or do you specify degrees or anything else?
I'm sorry to say it but I'm not sure there is going to be an Alt Wien that can ever top those from Vass.
 No it's definitely not a theoretical question. It's a pretty noticeable difference in both how the shirt fits and in how I am able to move around in the shirt that I couldn't quite nail down until I compared the two shirts on top of each other. Then, it made perfect sense.  I wasn't sure "pitch" was the correct term and I suspect you're right that "angle" is probably the better descriptor.  Yeah, I drive 50 miles a day, which means I have my arms up and stretched out. But...
quoting this because I think it got lost in the above posts... anyone know the answer? @luxire?
So I searched the thread for sleeve pitch and saw it mentioned a couple places but didn't seem to find an answer on this issue.   below is a photo of a blue shirt that fits me well, and my first Luxire shirt in white on top of it. the armholes and bodies are aligned, but you can see the Luxire shirt has a much lower sleeve pitch:     how do I adjust this on future orders? like, what do I request, and how/where do I measure the difference between these two?
holy shit
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