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This is a great idea 
 well it would seem pretty simple to me for them to offer a response. it's got to be one of three things, so this could just be multiple choice even: 1. we can alter this setting for you if requested (by email, or whatever) 2. we can't currently offer this, but we are working on changing it across the board or offering the ability to modify on specific orders 3. we are aware of this design defect but don't care and you've only bought like 2 shirts from us anyway, have a...
 Maybe? I think I got the Artisan collar. I don't think it had a name at the time, but I know it was a secret menu item when I ordered it last year.  Mine has a 2-button collar band, so it's a higher stance but if I'm not wrong then this should give you some idea:   [[SPOILER]]
first wear for new Epaulet/Southwick suit after getting the suit back from the tailor:         I'm thinking two things:   1. I want to have my tailor give it a little more waist suppression. Compared to my other Southwick jackets, the waist here is only a half inch wider (laid flat, so an inch overall), but I think it will make a difference in terms of opening up the quarters a little bit so that there isn't as much overlap below the buttoning point.   2. I...
 still looking for a response/comment on this
 It's almost like we should have a separate thread to discuss just this topic
And in case anyone is wondering about how to wear that Tea Stained Madras jacket, well, here is my dad in 1964:  
We do need something better, but I think a lot of people are waiting on the new website to launch first, since that's supposedly going to cover a lot of these requests (not sure about this specific one though).
@LA Guy this "DIFFERENT APPROACHES TO DEVELOPING YOUR WARDROBE AND BUYING CLOTHES" is the most uninspired thread title anyone could have come up with; petition to change it to "Minimalist to Maximalist: the Complete Wardrobe Approach Debate Showdown Extravaganza"
also, side note, somewhat on-topic, sometimes I look back through my tumblr where I've cataloged all my fits from around 2012 forward and can't believe all the random shit I've had. In the last couple years or so, I've pared down quite a bit.
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