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 I don't mean copy him verbatim, I just see you looking better in something closer to his overall aesthetic than what you were talking about above.
 no, dude, you need to do what TTO is doing
 yeah, that was my thought too. jacket fits, pants fit & are a good length, cuffs look good and aren't too big, can't really tell what the boots are but they look fine.
so someone mentions in this thread that I would good in SLP and now I am getting PMs from brand new one-post members trying to sell me SLP boots     has it come to this
 you can never have too many condoms, ok
  yooxepauletRRLMMM  [[SPOILER]]   
where2kop polka dog shirt ?
 I am dropping these off at the tailor tomorrow. They are too wide to stack at the moment, but I will have them tapered so they will.
 black MTO rivet chinos  [[SPOILER]]   
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