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 Yeah. I've been to that part of MA and I could see how you might stand out a bit there. But it's not like you're in the South or like Wyoming or some other weirdplace. I suspect your boss is noticing your side-zips more than any of your customers are. I bought a car recently and I didn't take note of any of what the sales guy was wearing, and I'm someone who posts on the styleforvm.
I need weatherism, because
for context, what part of the country are you in?
 I'm always trying to achieve this. We could probably even have a separate thread for the concept, though I'd worry it might ultimately just devolve into those lists of "essentials" that everyone needs to own (4 white dress shirts!). But if that didn't happen, I think it would be really cool to discuss different takes on what the barebones wardrobe is for different people. Assuming that included photos and not just a list of items. I like the idea of having a basic uniform...
 Yeah, try having a biz caz every day policy. It's the absolute worst. I'd much rather have to be full CM for 4 days and SW&D on Friday but instead I am just stuck in no man's land all week. Let me tell you about argyle socks... 
 I just felt like we needed a non sequitur at this point in today's conversation(s).
If she's having coffee, you should have a banana.
I was hanging out with some Swedish dudes in Copenhagen who were talking about good places to ski, and they brought up Tehran. They'd gone just a few years ago. It totally threw me for a second but then I remembered there wasn't nearly as much stopping a Swede from going there. Even as an American I understand it can still be done. It sounds really tempting actually. I'd love to just see what it was like and try to enjoy some of the local customs. I hear the food is pretty...
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