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I almost fell for that
See that's maybe the other reason my parody idea won't work; because I would have done that as satire and these guys are apparently doing it in earnest.
 Nope. Someone got it though, so thank you to whoever that was.
 Perfect, as my wife and I are going for a week in early September. A few things I am wondering about: Where is the best place to go out for drinks at night if you're young-ish (20s/30s)? We'd be looking for a laid-back bar, maybe with live music if anywhere has it, and then for later on, are there any clubs you can recommend? If we want to check out Malmø one of the days we are there, is the train the best option for getting there? Anything special there that we should...
on a related note, I really want to make a parody site, sort of like the Onion, but specifically satirizing terrible fashion blogs like those in this thread. If done well, it has the potential to be really entertaining. But I don't think I have the time or resources to do it, nor am I funny enough. Someone like @Bam!ChairDance would be a perfect candidate to do it. Have I said this before?
to me it's not that their choices of shoes are terrible (they are) or their choices of categories even (arguably worse), but the fact that they are two seriously awkward dudes who made a video for youtube in which they are talking about "what are the shoes every guy should own" in the first place. the results are hilarious, yes, but they don't even matter. the whole premise is retarded.
 dammit, these are supposed to be my date shoes!
Epaulet french blue rivet chinos [[SPOILER]]  
so I started a new thread for possibly the first time ever, only to fuck up the spelling of recommendations   http://www.styleforum.net/t/402162/streetwear-denim-travel-reccomendations/    can someone plz fix, thanks
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