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 welcome to styleforum
 Thanks. I will make a note to check some of those places out. We don't know where we are staying yet but will probably try to find an airbnb; we are there for about a week, but for the weekend that we're there we have two other couples joining us from England and Germany, so I might try to find somewhere that will fit all 6 of us and just have the extra space the rest of the time. So if there are any neighborhoods you'd recommend or any we should avoid, that info would be...
does anyone know is they do a size 34/44 or if anyone stocks it? smallest I am seeing on Carson St is 36/46.
you guys will probably hate these, but...  
this place has really gone downhill   maybe I should write a Yelp review
I know a few months back it was mentioned that you guys are working on being able to do Samuelsohn MTO, and that it would include more than one style/pattern. Is that still in the works along with all the other MTO stuff? If so, what kind of styles are going to be offered?
 That's the way to do it though. Go as a kid, or with your kids. Don't make the mistake of going during that in-between time and expecting it to be anything other than terrible. Bad food, long lines, screaming children (that aren't yours), and nowhere to get a drink*.  *there is one exception, but it requires a membership
I almost fell for that
See that's maybe the other reason my parody idea won't work; because I would have done that as satire and these guys are apparently doing it in earnest.
 Nope. Someone got it though, so thank you to whoever that was.
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