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yikes     the dangers of advanced fades, I guess?   brb, bleaching crotch section...
see, even the shiba is like "wtf are those on your feet"
 squints... I don't think yours is affected
 Oh, is the leg opening measured at the unfinished 38" end? Because I agree, I would want something like an 8" opening at a 32" hem on a style like this. I was thinking 7.5 sounded too tapered for this style.
 Doing the Calgary Blucher in these leathers too? Any estimate on when these might be arriving?
 I'd leave it. I think it looks great and is a big part of making this more than just a "Walt with a pleat added," which is what I was expecting to see (and not be interested in), but instead saw this and am intrigued. 
 I really want to know where all these workplaces are where people have bosses that notice things like the presence of pleats, or an extended waistband, or a rise that's one inch higher than what they're used to...  Fo' real, these pants aren't getting out of bed for anything less than a 3.5" lapel...
 ya know... just because we let @ManofKent get away with this kind of thing...
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