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 So, following up on this... I just received my shirt and it looks like you guys did what I wanted you to do actually. I had specified a waist measurement of 15.5" and also asked for darts. It looks like the shirt got made with the darts as requested and the waist measures 15.5" net after darts. That's what I wanted. My question now is whether I can count on that to be the same in the future. If I copy the order exactly, will I be ok, or should I still specify "waist...
 this is speaking my language
from yesterday... EPLA tennis trainers       [[SPOILER]]   
off to the pool... Our LegacySaturdays NYCEpaulet  [[SPOILER]]   
In my mind this has always been the reason not to live with roommates after a certain age    
 that topic is a surprisingly large umbrella 
 When I went home for summer after my freshman year in college, I packed up my dorm room and managed to fit everything I owned into my 1988 BMW 528e, and that was including a circa-2001 19" CRT monitor that probably accounted for 20% of the space and 80% of the weight. I think I also still had some KLH speakers that dated back to my dad's college years, and beyond that, mostly just clothes. I must have had some other miscellaneous stuff too, because the car was pretty...
shocked that anyone would think there is a city that edges out San Francisco in this category
because we're being given free reign to play jazz with our requests which means the person on the other end may have to guess at what we mean or may be following an industry standard that we as lay people aren't familiar with and/or may wrongly assume is the opposite
 Well, crap. If that's the case then I've just made the same mistake. I'll just take the darts out and specify on future orders, but yeah, I did assume that where I provided a waist measurement and requested darts, that the waist measurement I provided would be the final number, eg the net-after-darts measurement.
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