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cross-posting from the challenge 
 $126 (on sale, also possibly with a yoox code of some sort; I forget)   
 AT.P.Co Some random Italian brand that was on yoox. I have a bunch of little nitpicks about the fit but for the price and given that it's for casual use anyway, it's pretty good value. Linen/cotton blend, unconstructed, 3/8 lining. I wish it were a little longer in the body, and didn't have functional sleeve buttons, but that's apparently typical for Italian brands across the entire price spectrum these days.
 RUBBISH We pretty much never drive on weekends anymore, and we live on the outskirts of downtown now. There are plenty of places that are accessible by Metro beyond just downtown that are worthwhile. 
 Really? Because I'm working today. And I wanted to do an all-blue fit. Also, not an OCBD -- shirt is denim.  Will post t-shirt fits when I'm not in the office...
 I have several clients in your exact position. I don't handle the business end of things for them, but from what they tell me, it can be very difficult to make money after covering operating expenses on multi-family residential properties, especially on the low end. Some of them have done alright for themselves though. Since I don't look at the particulars I don't know how much of their complaints are exaggeration and/or modesty. I have noticed though that most of them...
this new season of APC is a little different
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