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NEW MEXICO                        
 Thanks! All but the NYE shot were from my Sony RX100, and yes I do a fair amount of post processing in Lightroom to get the colors and levels right. After the trip, I decided it was long since time I had an actual camera and so now I'm working with a Fuji X-T2 so hopefully you'll notice an increase in quality going forward. 
catching up from New Year's                
  Mike's Shoe Repair on Topanga at Dumetz; no good dry cleaners to be found and avoid at all costs "Wow" cleaners and "Sooz & Sons" on Ventura Blvd between Canoga and De Soto; best tailor is still George in Santa Monica and worth the drive around & down the 405 (or through Topanga Cyn).
oh snap, you made it to Virgin Gorda! nice!
@mcobinad  your dad is a badass. awesome choice of car as well. 
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