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  Blue OCBD from Proper Cloth and 7cm Drake's tie on sale. Nothing too exciting, just re-upping on staples.
2014 was a year of pretty good footwear purchases for me, but not much else.   These were the best:   Bexley brown suede wingtip bals   I didn't have any dark brown suede shoes and I didn't have any brogues after I sold my #legendary wingtips to finance several European vacations, so these were somewhat of a CM wardrobe staple that I was missing. I had bought two pair of Bexleys in Paris before -- in different sizes -- so it was a bit of a gamble ordering these...
that Schott car coat is a pretty great deal at $235. Mine did great in below-0ºF temperatures last week.      
 clearly you are posting your B&S listings a month early then the obvious solution is to delay all your listings by a month and then your buyers will already have cash in hand #hopethishelps
some good new posters this January
We're often on the 395 passing through Bishop, CA going one direction or another. There is a fairly-recent BBQ restaurant there called "Holy Smoke" that is clearly run by fundamentalist nutcases. They play worship music, even. I hate to support it. But shit, their BBQ is just too damn good. They get us every time.
stitchy has had some good SW&D fits in the past, but this is the one where the work/research/smart buys really all comes together.
if word gets out that Moo is secretly a fashion nerd then he will be forced to hang out with us fashion nerds as the jocks won't let him sit at their table any longer   spread the word
Catching up on the last couple weeks...   EPAULET CHRISTMAS PANTS (on Christmas, of course):    
Back in LA, catching up... here is Christmas:      
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