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Epaulet/Southwick medium grey super 120s suit:    [[SPOILER]]
 I went with navy. Should be a good match and I don't care for fancy linings where the pattern of the jacket has enough going on already. Here is today; Epaulet navy hopsack blazer and linen Walt pants:   [[SPOILER]]
 Well, "expert" may be giving me too much credit, but I'll certainly admit to being a "guncheck enthusiast." The Firenze is more to my taste, certainly, and the one I went with for two simple reasons; first, the blue is far more apparent/present in the Firenze, and second, the tan ground (as opposed to grey on the Milano). The blue being stronger on the Firenze makes it feel brighter, and for blue-eyed guys like myself, is going to be more flattering since it'll pick up...
I want a black suit made out of North Face jacket material   is that not what is being offered
Tennis trainers made it to Jost Van Dyke
Let's all pause to remember that this place would be horrible without @Bam!ChairDance
buttoning point and pocket placement both look fine but then the jacket has like 2" or more of length below where I assume the pockets end that doesn't need to be there
 are you saying the President has been kidnapped by ninjas?
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