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hahahahahaha   voted     holy shit you have ~75% of the vote
We're talking past each other at this point. Please feel free to resume discussion of neat ties and body mass index numbers.
 Yeah, see that is awesome. The CM guys' advice is not wrong, but maybe I just don't want to be another CM WAYWRN clone. I wore the suit on the metro today and walking around downtown for a meeting I had in the afternoon, and I've gotta say, I love how it feels and how it moves and it may not match current styles or CM preferences but it's not like it's completely outrageous either. Opposing counsel today had a paisley tie and a combover so I'm not about to start feeling...
  "Germans love to insult me The country condescends we call it arrogance they call it making friends"
@endorphinz   Yes, it's vintage. My tailor thought the fabric might be dacron. It's not Rive Gauche unfortunately, or at least not labeled as such, so I am guessing it's licensed. This is the label:       I'd love to hear anything you can tell me.
 Yes and there is certainly no shortage of images on my tumblr if you wanted to scroll though; here are the two primary examples, both are made from the same pattern (Epaulet x Southwick size 34R), in navy hopsack and medium grey super 120s wool:     
 I have one on order. Less spread, longer points, more tie space. Also sort of an experiment, it should be kind of a Prince Michael of Kent look. It's pretty awesome that Luxire lets me just specify the dimensions I want. Of course there's a bit of trial and error involved then too. I wish there were a CAD program or something that would let me preview different collar shapes by just entering the dimensions. For now I'm sketching everything out on paper and I'm a lawyer,...
 Why would you think that? Seriously you are jumping to the wrong conclusions all over the place here. Like others suggested, I came here to talk about clothes. This wasn't the first time you offered the "just work out" advice and I thought it was pretty thoroughly debunked before which is why I was harsh in my response, and rightly so it would seem as you're weirdly unable to just leave it.
The CM guys are telling me to get the pants tapered below the knee. The leg opening is currently 9.5" which is actually pretty huge. I think I may have my tailor take it down to 8.5 which is still pretty decently "full" without being too crazy. The process can always be reversed if it looks weird.     [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: