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 Might I suggest some kind of tan as well, for those of us looking to add the single-pleat trouser to our California Tuxedo™ ensemble... maybe something like sand fresco? 
Attended a wedding in San Francisco this past weekend:   Suit is an Epaulet/Southwick MTO in charcoal flannel, and my wife is holding one of the Epaulet women's bags.    
Attended a wedding in San Francisco this past weekend:      
Attended a wedding in San Francisco this past weekend:      
 Brilliant copy: "It doesn't lok fashionable, but to be honest; It has been a long time i found a coat as basic as this one"
 pants not wide enough  
 Yep, Victor's advice all sounds right to me. Structured shoulders and less taper in the pants will help balance out the wide hips. Current fashions are not going to be flattering to his body type, so all the advice about soft shoulders and tapered pants should probably be disregarded.
Noodles, I'm sure you're still a trainwreck waiting to happen on the inside, but that is a pretty nearly flawless fit.   NINJA EDIT: fix your pocket flap 
So, I received my Epaulet x Individualized Shirts order from the event I hosted back in August. I opted for one of the top-end "Z level" fabrics. Here are my initial impressions: The fabric is really really nice, as expected. Now, I am not a fabric expert but I can tell you that it's lightweight, soft, and not prone to wrinkles as far as I can tell from first glance. The templates we used were an Epaulet size XS and another MTM shirt that I was wearing that day. The result...
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