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Cool, I need to start doing that. They finally have some stores in/around LA. I haven't gone to one yet bc online is still easier but given the alterations (I too need the 34" inseam taken down to 32"), it's probably time to start going in person or at least taking stuff there rather than paying my tailor.
 this is if you buy in-store? bc I've never heard of this
 Yeah I would definitely be down for an all-white canvas GAT at that price.
gimme dat table
hillbillies flying overhead
+1 for red miata   @ghostface gonna win the black & blue challenge
the Boxster may be no 911 but the dirty little secret of Porsche these days is that the best one is actually the Cayman   which is based on the ...
 I was starting to think I was the only one
      It isn't any of that. MC never had a @tcwalter07
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