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 NO NO NO I did not mean that  
So, as many of you know, my wife and I previously had a white English Bulldog rescue named Roundabout who was in a number of our photos posted here. Roundabout was the unfortunate victim of lymphoma and sadly passed back in late 2014. With other aspects of our life coming into focus we decided now was the right time to rescue another English Bulldog, and we wanted to honor our prior dog and give a good home to one that might not otherwise find one. So with that in mind, we...
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY     wool/linen Walt shorts
THE VIRGIN ISLANDS  Uniqlo • APC • Epaulet Orlebar Brown • Uniqlo x DIY • Epaulet Luxire • AT.P.CO • Bexley Warby Parker • Luxire vintage • Yves Saint Laurent • Bexley    [[SPOILER]]  
when they started, they were selling primarily oxford & flannel shirts, cone mills denim, and Alden boots
 this thing is the beast knees!
 Yeah, I remember I knew a couple guys back in high school that had diesel benzes handed down to them, and we completely disregarded them at the time because they were obnoxiously slow, and in the late 90s, they weren't yet classics, they were just old. In our debate/rivalries between muscle cars and rice rockets, they were just simply not relevant. Now, though, I feel like they have stood the test of time, and also I no longer feel the need to always be driving the most...
Got my linen/cotton canvas jacket back. Shipping back to India was pretty easy as it turns out, they fixed the lapels, and shipped it back to me really quickly as well.    Thinking I may need to get the shoulders narrowed by 1/4 inch on each side. The shoulder seam apparently extends into the sleevehead which extends the effective shoulder unlike what it would be with a true unconstructed shoulder + spalla camicia construction. So possibly, my measurement might be right...
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