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Reminder: Deadline for the "SW&D does TRADITIONAL" contest is TOMORROW
 We have a carpet cleaning industry to support. I am contributing to the economy, ok?
What do you guys think of this shirt collar?       When I saw this, I thought it had too much spread still so I had Luxire remake it to be narrower, but then ended up with the point collar shirt above that I think ultimately came out too narrow. This one has 3.5" points, a full inch of tie space, and a 5 inch spread. I'm now thinking this may have been closer to what I wanted and would probably not look as wide when worn.   My other thought regarding collar...
Yeah, it's just for test purposes. The main concern is can they replicate the measurements correctly and stuff like the right amount of shoulder padding, sleeve pitch, etc. From what I understand from people who have sent jackets or suits in, they are very thorough, but it's still worth doing a test fit in cotton before dropping $800+ on wool. If the cotton suit comes out well, these are the wool fabrics that I'm [at least for now] considering:   Minnis Fresco Light...
 So I think the plan will be to send the YSL suit to Luxire to have them copy it. Like you suggest, I think a wider lapel would be good and they should be able to modify this without trouble. My plan would be to ask them to widen the lapels from the current approximately 7.5cm to 9cm. That should match up with any 3.5" or 9cm ties that I buy to go with this look, which is a pretty standard width, and even a lot of the guys in CM are favoring 9cm ties these days so places...
 I actually agree with that, but I like the suits. 
 Thanks! I'm glad you're getting some enjoyment out of it. It's slowly becoming an obsession of mine. In order to not clog this thread up any further, I'm moving the discussion to the The Streetwear Suits and Blazers thread. Please join me there!
Hi.   I'm reviving this thread to talk about my ongoing suit quest. I'm moving the discussion here because I'm trying to be sensitive to the other posters in WAYWT who may not want pages upon pages of suit talk in between space pirate and sand ninja fits, but I want to keep the discussion on this side of the wall because -- and I really need to make this clear from the beginning -- I am not looking to achieve "conservative business dress" or follow any other current CM...
 Look at his right leg; those pants are pretty tapered already.
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