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 Alright, let's expand on this then. This seems to have gained some traction, and I hadn't really fleshed this idea out, but getting the best of something, and therefore being able to cross it off one's list, is a big step in terms of obtaining and maintaining a minimalist wardrobe, if that's what one is going for. Again this is going to be different for everyone, but for me personally, there are at least a few examples I can give that fall into this category: as...
 Are the shoulder measurements different between the natural and unconstructed shoulders? I find that in order for an unconstructed shoulder jacket to fit me, the shoulder measurement needs to be slightly wider than what it would be on a more built up shoulder.
It may shock you to learn that menswear customers on the internet can be extremely picky   and I'm not excluding myself from that
  Hi. Welcome to the forum. Some thoughts: - the head tilt thing is definitely not a good idea.- the cardigan adds too much bulk under that jacket. you need a slightly larger jacket, or a thinner cardigan, or preferably just no cardigan- the length of your collar points is probably too short- otherwise it looks like everything fits reasonably well which is pretty good for a first post, and I'm a big fan of keeping it simple with the plain white pocket square do you have a...
bold move ordering functional buttons with modified sleeve length. looks like it paid off.
 from the AMA linked above: "We're actually launching out MTO promo this Friday with Southwick. So we'll have 10% off all custom suits and sportcoats."
Small PSA: in light of the upcoming Southwick promo, if anyone from this thread wants to make me a reasonable offer on the charcoal DB I have for sale, I would be willing to consider offers today and tomorrow from anyone who is posting regularly here that may be interested. Link in sig.
 We need a separate thread for this, don't we? This is always a topic that I find interesting. There are several approaches, or rather, a range of approaches, I suppose, from ultra-minimal Zuckerberg approach to the full KitonBrioni (guy had extra rooms full of clothes). Lately I've been trying to maintain a one-in, one-out policy in my wardrobe and a goal of slimming down overall, wherever possible. I've sold off some stuff, and donates a bunch more that wouldn't be worth...
cross-posting from CM. No crazy wall synergy here, but got a new suit. longer jacket length, which I think is an improvement:     [[SPOILER]]
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