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This is the internet; we don't really anything   but yes
 That would be really funny, and it's tempting to think you would rip him apart or set him straight, all for our entertainment, but my more principled side has to say no. I know you're joking (5)? but if you would actually consider this, let me say: don't. You can't/shouldn't do anything to amplify the voice of people like this, nor should you put yourself in a position where it looks like he is one of two viewpoints getting equal time. It would be like when Bill Nye...
things are getting weird over in CM   http://www.styleforum.net/t/407445/friday-challenge-8-aug-2014-action-shot/
 Thanks! Credit goes to my wife.
heads-up   MMM Cashmere at a Uniqlo price:   http://www.yoox.com/us/39403038TO/item?cod10=39403038TO#cod10=39403038TO&sizeId=
 Ok good, I wasn't the only one who noticed that then.
Ok to post an older photo?   Because I don't think I can do better than what I did here:  
 So we ended up grabbing an airbnb on Nansensgade, a short walk from the Nørreport st metro stop. It looks like we will be close to the things we want to see, like Christiansborg and the Botanical Gardens, and it looks like everything else is within pretty reasonable distance on the metro. I looked at a couple places in christianshavn which I thought would be really cool, but it didn't look like we'd be as close to the action there, and it was a little more...
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