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 search their WAYWRN thread for recent posts by Roycru and VictorSFreturn. It's honestly quite amusing.
 Well after watching CM this past week get confused up to offended by the return of thumb comments, and one user disavowing the thumb system entirely -- comments or no -- it's no surprise to me that they would have the opposite reaction. But dressing it up in fancy language doesn't change what you're doing. You're not engaging in some creative use of a medium that hasn't been thought of before. You're downloading images and reposting them without attribution to a medium...
 Agreed. It doesn't really make sense. And to further the point about the content creator being the valuable one, think about this too: many of the people posting fits on styleforum also have tumblr accounts. So when styleforum downloads these images and posts them on tumblr, they are uploading these images to a medium where they likely already exist. On tumblr at least, that's considered a repost, and is a particularly looked down upon practice on a site where the...
 Oh yeah, no problem. As it happens, we were pretty busy gearing up for the move actually, so we might have had to cancel in any event. Next time.
@Synthese not sure how you have an excuse for not coming to LA yet, but now you really don't
...with a jet airplane whoosh right at the beginning to establish the change in location   helicopter shots of the beach with quick bursts of slow-motion...   ...close-up of water beading off the outside of a cocktail glass
I have to see if they even fit. I ordered my usual MMM shoe size, which is one down from my MMM GAT size, which hopefully means they won't slip off, but I tend to have bad luck with slip-on shoes not fitting right. So they may go back regardless of the style but I'm going to give them a shot first.   I don't get why there would be any hate against these in any event.
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