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 Incorrect, it was me. Also he should sell it to me because shipping to LA will almost surely be cheaper than shipping to "the internet"
    Epaulet/Southwick suit in E Thomas charcoal hopsack
 I legit had one of those in the late 80s/early 90s but in my defense I was in grade school
 this has been of concern to me of late as well  this would work for bows, I think, but not for me. I'm probably going to return to a sort-of trad-ish grown out Ivy league haircut "until we can figure out what's going on"
WHOA WHOA WHOAgetting a little defensive are weDon't be mad, just realize that a Fuuma callout is just like having your own vastly more coherent and/or respected Miran and roll with it TRUST ME BRO
  Epaulet/Southwick suit in VBC "Blue Danube" cross hatch wool
  EPLA hoodie, Indiv. flannel shirt, RRL officer chinos, and Epaulet GATs 
at some point we're going to see a sleeve that has functional cuff buttons that extend all the way up to the shoulder that day is not today but we are now 30 seconds closer to midnight
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