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 Damn, I like this a lot too. Would also be interested in hearing about options if anyone knows any.
 Well, Stanley Van Buren is not my real name, but yes.
 I think a lot of it, especially this past year, has been that prior branching out caused me to find a couple things I like but also to have a bunch of misfires that reminded me that I liked what I was doing before better to some extent. And I am still constrained by being in an office setting 5 days a week, which isn't always conducive to wild experimentation, and which also has made me realize, fuck it, I do need a couple pair of uniqlo slim fit chinos and v-neck merino...
Oh, I almost forgot:   In 2014 I upgraded my brown leather dress shoes from my Loakes to a pair of Carmina austerity brogues. This was a pretty good decision too.     So yeah I did well on footwear in 2014.
  Blue OCBD from Proper Cloth and 7cm Drake's tie on sale. Nothing too exciting, just re-upping on staples.
2014 was a year of pretty good footwear purchases for me, but not much else.   These were the best:   Bexley brown suede wingtip bals   I didn't have any dark brown suede shoes and I didn't have any brogues after I sold my #legendary wingtips to finance several European vacations, so these were somewhat of a CM wardrobe staple that I was missing. I had bought two pair of Bexleys in Paris before -- in different sizes -- so it was a bit of a gamble ordering these...
that Schott car coat is a pretty great deal at $235. Mine did great in below-0ºF temperatures last week.      
 clearly you are posting your B&S listings a month early then the obvious solution is to delay all your listings by a month and then your buyers will already have cash in hand #hopethishelps
some good new posters this January
We're often on the 395 passing through Bishop, CA going one direction or another. There is a fairly-recent BBQ restaurant there called "Holy Smoke" that is clearly run by fundamentalist nutcases. They play worship music, even. I hate to support it. But shit, their BBQ is just too damn good. They get us every time.
New Posts  All Forums: