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 No, the problem is he wants everyone to buy into his conclusion that one is right and the other is wrong, when in reality they are two different styles entirely. Like I said, it's fine if he or anyone else prefers one over the other. It's fine to say that one is more in fashion currently, or more likely to be favored by everyone here even. It's even fine to say I'm not executing one or the other as well as I could be. I found @YRR92's post very helpful on that point. But...
 Exactly.  There isn't any debate in reality anyway, it's all just a strawman argument that it seems most people here have seen through at this point, so hopefully we can move on. 
  Very well done and nice first place finish. Please PM me your email address so I can send you your prize. Congratulations also to @Rosenrot for an awesome traditional/modern blend, informative post, and second place finish. @Synthese, you know what to do... And it looks like we have a tie for third place between @chocsosa and @Rais; well-deserved, each of you. But you will now have to agree between the two of you what the next challenge shall be. And thank you to...
It is refreshing both that there are those that understand and to hear it put in such eloquent terms. I take back anything pejorative that I've said about this side of the forum as a whole.
 @YRR92 I'm quoting your post over in this thread because I did find what you said helpful. You may notice above that I tried the blazer with a point collar. Here is another "lifestyle pic" that I shared in SW&D WAYWT:  I do think you're right that ultimately the blazer is maybe half a size big. I bought it expecting it to need a little tailoring, but even with it taken in, it's a little wide in the shoulders and full in the chest as you've noted, and further tailoring is...
 Is it possible for me to refute this statement without encouraging you to post more on the subject? Asking for a friend.
Epaulet tennis trainers in action. Photo by @oisin     
This is from back on Memorial Day but was shot on 35mm so it took a little while to get to me:         next time I will remember to pose lying down on the grass
... last day to vote ...
 Two totally different styles. It's fine if you like one over the other, but SB isn't "wrong" and you are not "right."
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