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 It's not bad, I think. Especially given that this is not an expensive jacket. It was a yoox roulette gamble that paid off as far as I am concerned. It is tagged 42% cotton / 68% linen, which makes it 110% awesome. I was expecting it to be more lightweight than it actually is, but I'm actually more pleased with what it turned out to be. It's probably the casual blazer that I wear more than any of my other ones now. The fabric is soft and pretty wrinkle-resistant. It's 3/8...
AT.P.COUniqloModerntailorRRLMMM  [[SPOILER]]
 See, even Miran gets it.
 You're not the first to pitch the idea.  Thing is, SNS isn't exactly hard to come by. There are plenty of places with an online presence where you can buy their products (TBS, End, Unionmade, or even SNS's site itself), and there isn't as much value to being able to try something on in person when we're talking about knits that are more or less going to fit well with just standard S/M/L sizing for 90% of customers. So it would just make Epaulet one more place selling the...
 You got it.
 I got it from Très Bien Shop in October 2011 SNS still makes the Stark but the new fit is not as long
NN, your wife is looking great -- careful she doesn't steal your purchases. Also I have been eyeing these lately; SNS Herning:  maybe not quite as nice as what your wife has, but similar idea at least. I'm not going to end up getting them, mainly because they would only be wearable for one month a year where I live, but the idea of knit pants is just so damn cool... Here is today. I look not quite yet awake: SNS HerningEpaulet (x2)MMM  [[SPOILER]]
 Tempting, but I can't get up there during the week right now. Of course, if you were able to swing by LA on Saturday, you should definitely get in touch...
Epaulet flannel shirt and MTO rivet chinos  [[SPOILER]]
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