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 *would have and no, this one needed to be as CBD as possible. had an all-day mediation with clients, co-counsel, my boss, opposing counsel, and a retired judge present. I didn't even put my sunglasses on, which took some restraint...
 once again 
Epaulet navy hopsack suit and Carmina austerity brogues  [[SPOILER]]  
 No, not always. Most of the time though, yes, because otherwise not enough length of the tie gets used and I end up with the narrow end hanging lower by a couple of inches. I know some do this on purpose, even, but I think it's kind of an affected look. By the way, I've been admiring your suits a lot lately, I really like the natural shoulder and wider lapels you have going on.
Epaulet moderntailor Drake's Carmina    
ok you did not pour nearly enough into that shot glass
I had a dream last night that I time traveled back to 1976. After telling my wife she had to shut up about facebook or she was going to give us away, we went to a clothing store as I figured this would be a great opportunity to pick up some legit "vintage" stuff for cheap (we had remembered to bring cash in the form of the old $100 bills). But the suit I found was a double-breasted 2x1 with narrow lapels and upon trying it on and looking in the mirror, I realized this...
RRL Officer Chinos
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