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I have decided to part with this suit as I've ultimately concluded it is just slightly too large for me. I normally wear a 34R and this suit is a 36R with a bit too much room in the chest for me.   This is the original "Desmond" jacket that Epaulet produced before their partnership with Southwick. I do not believe the jacket is canvassed.   Pants are a size 30 and have been taken in at the waist slightly but all the fabric remains so they could be let back out again....
 Hrm, no -- must have been one of my body doubles.
thoughts on Terroni?
 someone photoshop Benesyed onto that top left balcony in lmao's fit
 This is probably one of my favorite fits ever posted in this thread.
I do not withhold my thumb at thee, sir, but I do withhold my thumb, sir.
he's the one with no face
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