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 It may be worth your while to inquire about getting it MTO. I didn't get it in its first run (which didn't include size XS anyway), but saw one in person when I was in Brooklyn and it turned out there was enough fabric left to do mine MTO, at least, so perhaps there is more still...
All Epaulet today: IS flannel, regimental twill Walts, cowhide Calgary bluchers:    
lazy normcore Sunday  
 It's well-known that I don't like you and think you're a prick but this is fucking excellent. Credit where credit is due.
Schott car coat, tan moleskin Walts, and cowhide Calgary bluchers:       Decided on the charcoal hopsack for my Ends purchase, as while I was seriously tempted by a number of the tweeds, I had to remind myself that it's January in an El Niño year and it isn't actually like this 90% of the time in LA. I really hope someone gets that Orange Julius tweed as a full suit and posts pictures though.
 longest coffee break Mike has ever taken
the partner I work for just walked into my office wearing a suit from SuitSupply and asked me about Kamakura shirts   this is like the Abe Simpson "I used to be with it" problem but in reverse
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