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 add to what? gonna be a lot of work just to get out of negative numbers 
enjoying my Uniqlo dad jeans. all the jeans, none of the responsibility       Details
FRIDAY CHALLENGE   DEADLINE EXTENDED     http://www.styleforum.net/t/531504/friday-challenge-nov-11th-your-establishing-shot/
Epaulet/Southwick VBC Blue Danube suit:       Details
ok, I guess I will rescind rule #3, because that nails pretty much exactly what I had in mind but hadn't seen yet
 hey, if you want to turn them into stories after the fact, that is another... er, um... story
ENCOURAGING EVERYONE TO PARTICIPATE   in this week's CM* Friday Challenge     Friday Challenge Nov 4th: Your Establishing Shot     *suit & tie not required. I realize this is a shorter timeline than most of the SW&D challenges but hopefully still enough time for people to put some ideas together.
Well I thought about putting @upr_crust in charge of the next challenge based on his strong entry & obvious competence and putting myself in charge of Making StyleForum Great Again but then my wife had a pretty cool idea for a challenge so here ya go:   Friday Challenge Nov 4th: Your Establishing Shot   thanks again for all the votes and for coming up with this one, @Rais, this was super fun!
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