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Epaulet tan moleskin Walt trousers, probably one of my all-time favorites.      
  Our Legacy Epaulet RRL MMM
 T H I S   I S   S T Y L E F A R M I N G
So... what did you have Luxire do exactly then?
 Well good, that's the one that stood out to me anyway. 
 Well, that one is Epaulet (made by Southwick) so I can always just order more of those and get a reliable fit every time if that's what I wanted, so I wouldn't risk the process of copying just to save a few bucks.   Well I disagree about the cut not being more flattering, but I probably need to get it tailored before I'm going to convince anyone of that at this point. It's definitely an off-the-rack suit that was modified in the right shoulder as opposed to being designed...
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