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 Unfortunately we ran into some problems with those dogs during the trial period (they had not been bonded previously) and were not able to keep them.
Just show up. We'll be there.
 Oh, it's on.
this is getting better. would still like to see a straight-on shot taken at eye or chest level against a wall & not standing in grass, but this is not bad.
 This is a great philosophy.
now you're just being pedantic   it's an entertaining video that by its very premise is making a broad generalization. do you recognize the styles they are portraying as being or having been prevalent to some degree or another during the time period they reference? yes? ok   there's always going to be a median. just because others are doing different things doesn't make it any less so.
 Yeah I've heard it put as "Dads dress in the style of the last best year of their life"
 You're missing the point -- I mean, you don't actually think there is an unaging average 25-year old dude that exists, right? The reality is that most men will adopt a certain style at a formative age and more or less stick with it from then on (see, eg Ask Andy About Trad). So no, the guy who wore Ed Hardy in 2005 probably didn't or hasn't made the jump to Americana. You do still see some of these bros around -- they're older now though. So in each case in the video, the...
Growing up in the 90s I remember thinking that the fashions of the previous couple of decades, the 80s and 70s, were pretty wild/weird but looking back now, the 90s were actually as bad as things ever got. the 1995 guy in that video looks horrible and I have to admit that both I and several people I know resembled that look to some degree during that time.
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