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went to another wedding this past weekend. I'm wearing the Epaulet Marcello jacket & medium grey super 120s Walt pants with Carmina austerity brogues, and my brother-in-law is wearing the Epaulet navy hopsack suit and Carmina shortwings.  [[SPOILER]]
went to another wedding this past weekend. I'm wearing an Epaulet jacket & pants with Carmina shoes, as is my brother-in-law.  [[SPOILER]]
 well obviously it was not miran tho
 Paul, Found this old reply from 2012 and I'm wondering if the sleeve measurements on your website are still the same as what you describe above. It would seem so, since for instance looking at the charcoal grandad shirt, the XL is listed as having a 25" sleeve, but that's also puzzling me because it would seem based on what you are saying then that there is only a 2" difference from the top of the armhole to the bottom, which definitely doesn't seem right. I'm looking at...
weird, because whenever I am caught trolling I admit it immediately
 +1 to this. Having bought a few casual jackets from Italy recently, the sleeve length is a big risk as they seem to all come with functional sleeve buttons, even the jackets that sell for only €100-200. If you're close to a normal size, you can take a gamble, but it still seems a little crazy given how simple -- and moreover, common -- an alteration it is without the working buttonholes. It makes much more sense to let people pay a tailor to make them functional if that's...
This is the "Marine" blue overdyed oxford from the EPLA line. I bought this in a bit of a hurry when the Santa Monica store closed and have now come to realize the sleeves are just a touch too short for my taste.   I have washed and worn the shirt maybe 2-3 times, always a cold wash and line dry.   Passing along at a discount, new these are $95. This one is yours for $55 including 2-3 day shipping within the...
goddammit @jet
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