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 does anyone still have this tho? 
WIFE FIT   RL Uniqlo MMM Brooks Bros
Epaulet x Gitman "Ashland" shirt   [[SPOILER]]     
Epaulet x GitmanN&FMMM  [[SPOILER]]     
RFT: upgrading to an iphone6 is going to completely fuck up the fadez on my deminz.
I had CPs and liked them a lot both in terms of the shape and the comfort but when I got the MMM GATs it felt like night and day. Vastly more comfortable, and better for the kinds of looks I tend to wear sneakers with. Probably won't go back.
This post is being made on behalf of this user account.   Please be advised that Stanley Van Buren, while recently on vacation in Copenhagen, Denmark, was kidnapped by Vikings and has not been seen or heard from since. Those with any information are advised to please contact the Danish authorities.  
 Thanks, yep, definitely the 3/2.
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