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Epaulet Marcello sport coat and tan moleskin Walt trousers:    
@Koala-T probably your best yet. way better than some of what you were posting when you first started. A spread collar would be better, or if you're a die-hard button-down guy, I would say to try to find one that is a bit taller, wider, and maybe with a bit more tie space so your knot isn't swallowed up by the collar. But this is still a huge improvement.
I'm on board with this.
Epaulet x Southwick medium grey super 120s suit:   [[SPOILER]]
 Whoever it is is definitely earning their paycheck. 
 So I don't really know the reference codes for any of this, but I do know that it has the highest collar band that IS offers, with a 2-button closure. The collar itself is a semi-spread that IIRC has a 3 1/8 inch point, or something close to that. I don't think it was one of the standard options available on the Epaulet site, but it was among the expanded options available through IS. As far as tie space goes, I was told that all of their collars come with 1/8 inch of tie...
hahaha yikes   I follow the real KOY: instagram.com/jkarnbo/   sorry if this disappoints anyone
Epaulet x Southwick navy hopsack suit & Individualized Shirts shirt        
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