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 are you asking him to disclose the location of his Fit Wall?!  
@reedobandito POST PICS
 Almost moved back there after law school. Took an interview there too, got the job, but also got one in LA. LA ended up winning out, but dammit it was a tough decision. I'm still feeling like I made the right choice -- there is a lot more happening in LA, but I think SB is a great place to live for anyone who is either in college or settled down in their 40s-plus. If you're in between there isn't as much SB has to offer ultimately.
 but if he is not, then who are you talking about?     
pretty sure both pictures are of Bob Saget
is that a shirt or a kitchen towel folded to look like a shirt
the Official Streetwear and Denim What Is On Your Desk Today thread
 oh look, it's the welcome wagon
 Excellent, excellent, holy crap. And that loft? Buy that loft. Buy it. Then we can be loft bros and do a west coast/east coast loft swap one week a year.
New Posts  All Forums: