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Epaulet french blue rivet chinos   [[SPOILER]]
Quick shot from last night's small gathering. GWhitehead putting us all to shame...  
 you look like you could use one
 And "Dumb Threads" wants to screw you in the back of a Volkswagen 
 Obviously I'm talking about Moo.  [[SPOILER]]
 WAIT does his facial hair ever grow?   21st Century performance art project for when I win the lottery: buy $50k worth of designer clothes and spend a week or two photographing every possible combination and then proceed to release daily "fit pics" for the next several decades in which I never age a day, nor do any of the clothes...
 Another thing I learned from running a forum is sometimes it's good to have a lightning rod for everyone's angst; someone whom we can all agree is the "worst person here" that prevents us from all turning on each other out of boredom. There's a limit, though.
New Posts  All Forums: