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man, I really want a counter-depth fridge
the real question is: what are all the Forum-Educated Menswear Analysts™ (or, "FEMA") going to do now that they have lost their mascot?
 Weird, I feel like I read something very similar to that just recently. 
 I may be paraphrasing another "industry person" when I say this, but they are a technology startup whose commodity happens to be clothing; not a bunch of clothing designers who managed to create a slick website/business model. I don't think creative design is the goal. Of course, the former COS hire may indicate otherwise, which is why it's potentially interesting news.
Oh, no, I am literally just talking about one whiskey-heavy night of karaoke in Little Tokyo. I can't claim to have any influence.
My wife loves their linen tanks. I wish they made men's T-shirts in the same fabric; I would buy a bunch. Oh and she also has their canvas backpack which has held up really well after a year or two or however long it's been. I've only bought a few things from them which have been hit or miss. As I recall their thread here descended into a shitshow at one point but I'm not sure why that was. I've met a couple people from Everlane who seem cool. Their CEO is from my...
 No, the problem is he wants everyone to buy into his conclusion that one is right and the other is wrong, when in reality they are two different styles entirely. Like I said, it's fine if he or anyone else prefers one over the other. It's fine to say that one is more in fashion currently, or more likely to be favored by everyone here even. It's even fine to say I'm not executing one or the other as well as I could be. I found @YRR92's post very helpful on that point. But...
 Exactly.  There isn't any debate in reality anyway, it's all just a strawman argument that it seems most people here have seen through at this point, so hopefully we can move on. 
  Very well done and nice first place finish. Please PM me your email address so I can send you your prize. Congratulations also to @Rosenrot for an awesome traditional/modern blend, informative post, and second place finish. @Synthese, you know what to do... And it looks like we have a tie for third place between @chocsosa and @Rais; well-deserved, each of you. But you will now have to agree between the two of you what the next challenge shall be. And thank you to...
It is refreshing both that there are those that understand and to hear it put in such eloquent terms. I take back anything pejorative that I've said about this side of the forum as a whole.
New Posts  All Forums: